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I absolutely loathe shopping for jeans. I always have a vision for what I want and then seem to hunt forever to find the perfect pair. The one that fits. That flatters. With the right wash. The right pockets. The right hem. I get almost all of my jeans tailored, to control the length.

Enter: these jeans from Sezane. It’s almost as if the picture of “the perfect jeans” that I’ve had in my head came to life. These are a 7/8 length, so I didn’t even have to hem them.

Sezane Blouse

The description online is unclear about sizing. It says to size up and to size down. I decided to go right down the middle and bought my regular size– I’m glad I did. They were slightly snug for the first five minutes because they’re 98% cotton. Then they stretched out just right after a short bit of time. Maybe stretch out isn’t even the right word. They more like mold to your body. The 2% of stretch in the jeans is just enough. They feel like denim and still have a little bit of give.

Sezane Jeans

Carly Heitlinger

I also bought this beautiful blouse. Even though it’s a little fancy, I’ll probably wear it with casually with jeans. The details on this are just gorgeous. The covered buttons. The slouchy sleeve with gathered cuffs and shoulders. The 100% silk is beautifully textured. And then… I’m sure it goes without saying just how much I love the bow!

Sezane Laurya Shirt

The Daily Edited Phones  Margaux Pointed Toe Flats

Blouse // Jeans // Shoes // iPhone Case // Similar Bag

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I adore this outfit! I’m a big believer in dressing down a fancier blouse with jeans for everyday wear.



I recently discovered that 7/8 length workout leggings fit me perfectly as ankle-length! A total game changer. I might need to look into these jeans!


It’s completely opaque, but it’s pretty standard for silk tops! I would definitely recommend wearing a nude bra!


I have read that in France (where Sezane originates), women wear bras as part of their fashion statement, meaning this slightly see-through blouse is perfect for a beautiful bra to peek through!


love a classic white top + jeans. my friends all have to stop me from buying more white tops because it’s all i wear, lol. i’m going to the Everlane store on vacation this week so fingers crossed will find some new jeans!


I love this perfectly polished outfit and adore the nude Margaux flats! Do you by chance have a referral code? Also, I’ve bought a pair of their shoes before based off of your recommendation and wondered if you add any type of protector to the soles? Thank you for your time – love your blog and classic styling!


I don’t have a referral code, unfortunately. BUT, you can bring the shoes to a cobbler to have protective soles added, although I have not personally.


I love these jeans on you! I ordered myself 3 different sizes of this style and they were all so different. The smallest size had the widest leg opening, the middle size had the smallest leg opening and fit exactly the same otherwise as the smaller size. And the largest size was 3 inches shorter than the other 2 pairs. So strange and frustrating! So, I wish there was a store nearby so I could actually find a pair that fits!