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After getting really into (I mean, really into) the podcast Serial, I now love to listen to podcasts. Even if I don’t love the premise of a show or can’t 100% the exact podcast, it’s still fun to listen along. I’m also pretty sure that listening to podcasts couldn’t be easier or more convenient if you live in the city.
With the nicer weather, I’ve been opting to walk more when running errands. When it’s cold, I will 100% choose the subway to avoid walking fifteen blocks even if walking would be faster. But now, I’m all about getting the fresh air and enjoying not turning into an icicle. Podcasts are perfect. (I also enjoy talking to my mom while walking!)
I mostly get recommendations from Garrett on what to listen to. This American Life is definitely one of my favorites.
I had a number of meetings around town today and found myself bored on the subway. I downloaded Invisibilia’s latest episode. (Invisibilia is a super new NPR podcast about human behavior, brain science, psychology… told through story telling.) The episode I listened to is called “Our Computers, Ourselves.”
Very, very basically… the episode is all about what using computers does to our brains. How is it helpful to us as humans? How might it hurt us? What are the larger implications of pervasive technology integration?
If you have an hour to kill (cleaning, driving, walking, working out), I highly recommend a listen! Any podcasts I should download? Any favorite specific episodes?


PS Does anyone have any audiobook recommendations!?

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For podcasts, I love RadioLab. The one about Oetzi got me hooked:
Audiobook-wise, the Outlander series is incredible. The lady who reads it (Davina Porter) captures the characters (different sexes, ages, accents, etc) absolutely perfectly. As a matter of fact, I'm listening to the seventh book right now!


I really recommend Matilda by Roald Dahl and read by Kate Winslet for an audiobook. Harry Potter audios are also great!


One of my favorite podcast is Call Your Girlfriend, absolutely hilarious observations from two long distance best friends. Everything Is Stories and 99% Invisible are fantastic as well! x

Julia Nass

Though they just finished the first season, I LOVED StartUp! It is a fantastic podcast and is narrated by a former producer of This American Life. You can tell he is fantastic by the quality of his background translating into the series.

Chelsea Weber

Sawbones, a hilarious and informative podcast about the history of medicine; The One You Feed, a podcast about the mindfulness; and The Girl on the Train, a riviting novel that is an even better audiobook performance.


I'm listening to the Invention of Wings audiobook right now and I love it. A beautiful story about two girls, one a plantation owner's daughter and the other her slave, growing up in antebellum Charleston, SC. Highly, highly recommend! Bonnie @


I absolutely loved listening to Tina Fey's Bossypants as an audiobook! I had already read the book before listening but it was even better the second time around; she did a fantastic job of creating an upbeat, engaging listening experience!

I also love listening to TED Talks on my podcast app while I go on walks, do laundry, etc. Lately, my favorite has been Mac Barnett's "Why A Good Book is Like a Secret Door." I write a literary blog (and am studying to be a teacher) & his ideas about bringing the literary imagination to life just blew me away!


Stephanie Smith

I also love Invisibilia! You should also listen to "How to Become Batman" and "Fearless," two really good episodes. I also like listening to Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids, Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me, Here's The Thing With Alec Baldwin, and Go Bayside!

Anna McGill

I am a religious podcast listener. While i run, drive, do laundry, cook…anything! I think i like it because i can listen to a story while still being able to get other things done (like those certain tv shoes you can have on in the background but others require your undivided attention.) I especially love:
RadioLab, Sawbones, Ted Talks, Stuff You Missed in History Class

Amy Schuster

I'm currently listening to "A Girl on the Train" and am loving the British accents of the three different narrators. I'm going on a recommendation from a friend but am definitely into it so far. I'm loving it for my commute to work!


I've been jumping on the bandwagon of podcasts after Serial, too! I currently love NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour.

ashley p

I just got into Strangers and I love it. It's everyday (and some non-everyday) people and small snippets from their lives into stories that make us "strangers no more."