Early Spring Outfit

Spring is just around the corner. It may not be here just yet, but I think we have survived. This week has been amazing. I love having an extra hour of daylight, even if it meant sacrificing an hour of sleep this weekend. I would have given up an entire night of sleeping for more sunshine! The weather also cooperated. Light jackets and bare ankles were okay. 
One afternoon I even took my coat off as I walked down the sunny side of the street. I don’t think I have stopped smiling ever since. Dare I say it… I think we survived the winter.
This is going to be my go-to casual look for a while. I’m definitely one of those girls who slips into a uniform. It makes my life so much easier. I know I’ll feel comfortable and I save a lot of time and frustration in the morning. 
Yesterday was a bit overcast with rain in the evening forecast. I had a fun meeting downtown and went back to the basics. 
Pulled out my favorite sneakers that I haven’t been able to wear with all the snow. I swear by them. Three wears and they are totally broken in. If you like the sporty look but don’t like the clown-look, these are the sneaks for you. (The length of the laces and tongue are shorter which elongates your foot and the heel is scrunched like a Tory Burch flat for the perfect shape.)
All winter I’ve been searching for a cashmere grey scarf. All. Winter. I finally pulled the trigger on a J. Crew version that wasn’t a million dollars. The specific one I got is already sold out, but this one is almost exactly the same; mine just has some ribbing on the ends.
The perfect cropped denim. I’m always looking for a great pair of jeans… these are honest-to-goodness like yoga pants. So soft, super stretchy without stretching out, could sleep in them kind of denim. (This jean is the same wash and fit, just without the zipper. The cropped version with the zipper, like I’m wearing, is available in a darker wash.)
Photography by Bekka Palmer

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I can honestly say I basically wore the exact same outfit today! I paired it with a hunter green jacket from JCrew which I love and a denim button down. White converse are my spring/summer essential as well 🙂 I cannot wait for Spring to officially be here – today we are supposed to have a high of 50! Fingers crossed the warmth stays.

Annie Belle


Uniform outfits are such a great concept, and make life so much easier! I love this outfit, simple yet stylish 🙂

Caitlin Cooper

This is such a cute outfit! I really want to invest in a Barbour jacket eventually, but since it's getting warmer, I might just wait until the fall. Can't wait to see more of your spring outfits as it warms up!

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep

Andrea Ruiz

Hey Carly! It's not the first time you post about these shoes, but until now I see how amazing they look! Thanks for the tip, I'll try to get my hands on a pair in Germany!
Much love!

Xtine Rae

I know this post is older, so I hope you’ll see this. I just ordered this jacket on eBay, but am slightly worried about the fit. What size are you wearing, and do you feel like you still have plenty of room to layer? Thanks so much! Love your style!!