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I’m looking into getting a new pair of sneakers. Now… I have the intention of getting into somewhat of a running routine (starting April 1… maybe?). Even if the running doesn’t happen, which it never does for too long for me, I do want a cute pair of sneakers to wear on the weekends, while walking Teddy, and to and from yoga. I know those are pretty lame excuses for getting sneakers, but that’s the truth over here.
The question now is… which pair to pick?!
Grey and Mint (my favorite as of right now) // Cool Blue and Pink

Which pair is your favorite? Cast your vote in a comment… 

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Mrs. Mason Dixon

Definitely the mint and grey ones! I got a loud pair of bright blue and coral Nikes last summer because they were on super sale, and while I do love them, they can sometimes be a little too loud if I want to wear them while running errands.

Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

Jessica Conway

As a runner, I would not recommend Nike shoes. They are not made very well and can give you much more pain. I would recommend buying a pair of Mizunos, Sauconys, or Asics. In the running world, Nikes are sort of a joke. The professionals that are wearing Nike's have shoes that are made for them specifically and they are manufactured a lot nicer. Keep this in consideration.

Jennifer Roth

I just bought the titanium and green pair this weekend and they are literally SO comfortable. The guy at the Nike store told me the whole Lunar line is designed to be extra cushiony and provide support for people who pronate. I haven't gone on a long run in them yet, but I have worn them out to run errands in, and my feet do feel very supported and cushioned.


Love the gray and mint pair. However if you do get into running, you'll want to get fitted at a running store to find the right shoes for you. Just my two cents. 😉

Kate Gruber

As a runner myself, I 100% recommend that you get Nike Free Runs. Everyone on my track team wears them, because they are seriously amazing for running, but are perfect for walking around, too. Also, they come in so many cute colors, it took me an hour just to pick the color!

Southwestern Prepster

I love the mint and grey or the simple black ones – they will be great for styling with plenty of different outfits! I have a grey and bright coral pair, and while I absolutely love them, at the time I bought them I hadn't been considering that the coral might be hard to work with sometimes!
xx, Mikkaela
The Southwestern Prepster


I have the mint and gray ones, and I love them! I run with them all the time, they are perfect, and really cute.

Kat Campagna

All cute, but I would look more into the style first. You absolutely must get Nike Frees. The best shoe on the market. I own three pairs and I constantly feel like my feet are swaddled in clouds. They are super light and cushioned to the high heavens!


If you are looking to do some running, make sure you head to a good quality run store so they can assess your gait and thus your foot needs! Wearing the wrong shoes can seriously mess up your body. Or a podiatrist! For example, I wear orthotics, and my podiatrist has told me in no uncertain terms that I should never, ever, try barefoot running or minimalist shoes!

Maddie McConkey

Hi Carly. I'm going to go out on a limb and advise you to get two pairs. I have nike free's (ash/grey) and they are light and comfortable and perfect for walking the dog, throwing on, going to yoga, etc. However, when it comes to running, they provide very little arch support, which, when running on pavement, can cause your calves to get quite sore. I would highly suggest you get a pair with good arch support for running, and then something like a nike free for just hanging out in. Your feet will definitely thank you.

Taylor Schuhmacher

NIke Free's are a like-barefoot feel for the tennis shoes. They're my favorite everyday tennis shoe for errands or a lot of walking. I have two pairs, one custom, because I love them so much.

Anna Timm

I love love LOVE the nike free's, however do not buy if you are going to run in them. I run track and cross country at my high school and especially in track, the people with the nike free's have shin splints and pain (I'm not saying you are going to get shin splints haha:) so I would recomend getting ones that have the support (the titanium and green look supportive) because that pavement can be painful. Now if I were you I would get 2 pairs, a pair of cute free's for errands and such and a supportive pair for running (Mizuno's are amazing and I have a pair of the wave rider). I don't want you to have a bad experience of running! Also, stick to your schedule of running and push through! You will feel soooooo good after the runs, heathy and refreshed! Go Carly!!! (:


Nike sneakers don't work for me for running. I think they are so cute but I have been fitted at a running store and Brooks are actually the best for my style of running.

Good luck in your search!


emily rose

I have to agree with most of the comments here… if you really want to take running seriously you should be fitted at a running store. I recommend New York Running Company in the city. I've had great success there and they are very patient finding you the exact fit for your style.

Clare Conway

Head to a running store to get fitted appropriately. I was wearing a .5 size too small in running (and basketball) until I went in. I have worn Nike Pegasus since 2009 and love them… I've been shin splint free since I switched! I also own Roshes to wear when I do agility or strength to mix it up. I am not a fan of the frees, due to their lack of upper stability. Design doesn't much matter to me, but rather size/fit/support.


Cute picks! DEFINITELY agree with posters above – check out a running store and shop the in person! It is fun to browse pairs online but I wouldn't make the purchase until trying on several pairs with staff who are trained to assess your needs (and will usually let you test drive some pairs!) I've heard great things about the Nike store and thinking about trying out some Frees this Spring.

Sarah P

Carly.. If you are planning to get in to running please do not get a pair of Nike's! They are great for running errands or using on a machine at a gym, but for running they provide very little support for your arch/ankle and you will regret it. Try a brand like Asics or Brooks for awesome running shoes!


I agree with Sarah P. Don't get Nike's for running. They're great shoes for running errands around town, but if you run get a pair of Brooks (I prefer Brooks' Ghost 7). They're a little pricier but worth it!!

Also, Lululemon at Union Square has a running club starting in the spring with all levels of runners. You should check it out.

Good luck! 🙂


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