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I’ve always wanted a font from my handwriting. It’s one of the reasons why I splurged on a tablet way back in the day. There’s an even easier way and you can save it and use it forever, just as you’d use any other font.
Garrett found this awesome website where you print a PDF, write the alphabet, scan it back into the computer… and voilà! Your own font that’s your handwriting. Mine looks pretty close to my actual handwriting. (The only major difference is that I tend to loop my letters together in a wonky cursive.)
Here’s what my font ended up looking like. I wrote my letters with a Sharpie so that’s why they’re thick. I think it’d be fun to make multiple versions of the fonts with various thicknesses and styles.
Easy to follow steps (with tips):
1. Download the PDF from here and print a few copies. [I found it took a couple of tries to make the letters fit properly without making too drastic of a mistake.]
2. Carefully write out each letter following the guidelines. [Really, follow the guidelines! Be careful… I was stuck with a bad number eight because the Sharpie was thick!]
3. Scan the PDF. [Don’t have a scanner? We don’t either. G has an app that scans documents. It’s super handy.]
4. Upload the scanned file to the website. Name your font. Then click start.
5. Once you approve your preview, you can download your font. Find the download on you computer and then drag and drop the file into your Font Book to save. Bam!
How cool is that?
Once it’s saved to your fonts you can use it just like you’d use any other font. Change the color, resize. Add over photos, you name it! (Don’t forget to save Word documents as PDFs… otherwise the font won’t open on any other computer.
Have fun!!!

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That's so cool! I actually am obsessed with digitalizing handwriting. Last summer I designed a wedding invitation for a friend and learned how to make it into something we could print and send to all the guests. It was such an exciting process to learn! Your handwriting turned out so cute!

Ohio Stripes


Have you fried iFontMaker?? It's an iPad app that does the same thing, but without all the scanning and paper! I think it's a few dollars to buy, but it's so cool! Love your font 🙂

Alyson Cruse

Oh my gosh this is so cool! I have to try it! It would look amazing if you know how to do cool letters in calligraphy!
Alyson |

São Rosas

Hi. For "normal" characters, it's excellent. But for special characters (the last lines of the PDF file) they are not recognised. Without that, I can't use this font for my Portuguese texts. Is there any solution?