A Week at the Beach

Since graduating college, holidays feel a little different. Now that I’m pretty much rooted in a city (versus living in a dorm for eight months), sometimes traveling can be a huge nuisance. Between packing up, paying for airfare (so expensive….), and coordinating work schedules it can feel like it’s not worth it. I sort of miss those days when you’d take your final exams and turn in your term paper and have two or three weeks of nothing-ness before second semester began. (But then again, I don’t miss finals…)
This year, I was really desperate for a vacation though. I planned to take a full week off… no emails or blogging, no meetings or phone calls. I think I was also desperate to just get real sunshine on my skin. The day before I left was like a marathon and I was just… #done. Normally, it’s hard for me to shut off completely, but this time I was fully ready to decompress and tune right on out.
My family went to the beach for the week and I think we all needed that little escape. (Voluntary) early mornings spent on the beach with coffee, lazy afternoons with no agenda, dinners with the family (I ate way too many fried grouper sandwiches), and game nights and move nights. I’m so grateful that my family is so close… it makes everything so much more enjoyable. The only times things got a little heated were over competitive games of Rumicube.

Tons of photos, but I just couldn’t narrow them down anymore 😉

Honestly, I think I could start EVERY morning like this.
A couple of days were super windy (and the sand blowing around was… painful), so we just sat outside on the grass and read and read and read.
I read The Book Thief, Where’d Ya Go Bernadette, and My Story (Elizabeth Smart’s book). They were all so different!
Christmas Eve doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts. (I crave DD coffee… but I never really let myself get it because it’s so sugary and delicious… always a treat!)
The best last-minute Christmas presents ever. My mom and I went insane searching high and low for Eloise at Christmastime. Two hours and four stores later, we found it! Actually, my mom found it and then insisted that I address her as “intern” for the rest of the trip. We also found a four-disk set of American Girl movies. So basically, it was a huge success. 
And the cutest little sister in the entire world.
… the most gorgeous sunset.
I was seriously soaking up that sun and vitamin D. But with tons of sunscreen and my Southern Proper tartan hat 😉
Too windy/cold for the beach? Hot cocoa by the pool.
We came home a day early so we could be at the house. Little Teddy had a great time with our neighbors (three kids, one husky, and a new puppy!), and he was so exhausted when we brought him home. So cute.
Love, love, love this woman!

Did everyone have a great holiday?

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Alyssa Dillon

I totally know what you mean about the whole school – break thing! I am definitely looking forward to the day I am done with finals, but I am not looking forward to having to go to the trouble of coordinating work.
Glad to see you have had a great holiday! Mine consisted of being home, blogging and knitting. So perfect.

Fairy Princess Jord

It looks like you had such a perfect holiday vacation with your family! Yay for Eloise and American Girl movies. I watch both all the time with the girls I nanny and I swear I love them more than they do.


Totally wish I was at the beach for Christmas! (instead my relatives from Florida came HERE haha) I bet it was tons of fun! 🙂


Looks amazing! What did you think of Where'd You Go, Bernadette? I read it for book club recently! It was a little out there but I enjoyed it!

Julia D.

I'm so glad you took a break to recharge and that you had so much fun doing it. If anyone deserves a chance to completely disconnect it is SO you. Happy New Year, Carly!

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