Thank You Notes

I’m leaving Tampa today (wah!) and my list of things to do once I get back to the city just keeps growing. It’s been beyond nice to have a week off and I’m ready to get back into the normal swing of things. Sort of.
Getting my stationery out and writing thank you notes for gifts I’ve received is the top of my list. Normally, I do everything the day I receive the gift so I can get the notes out ASAP… but I was negligent in December. Whoops.
But better late than never!
So I also have a ridiculous amount of stationery. When people know you love stationery, you tend to get stationery for every kind of gift. And I totally love it. But I love getting special “thank you” notes for holiday gifts. New ones for every year! (These were the best cards I ever got– old College Prepster damask/colors– for college graduation gifts.)

(Side note: I’m so in love with every single Sugar Paper stationery…)

Where’s your favorite place to get thank you cards?

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I also LOVE stationery and have a lot of it (though no one except my mother has figured out it makes a great present!) These days, I am mostly using a combination of my formal flat cards (my name and my husband's name at the top) from Paper Source and a selection of cute little folded cards from Target – multi chevron, Broadway marquee style, holiday prints, etc. Never heard of Sugar Paper – I'll have to check it out!

Jenny Conley

I love the idea of sending friends and family thank you cards but I've come to a predicament. How do you know what their address is without blantantly asking?

Abby Meade

I love the idea of thank you notes and I have bought tons of stationary but I just can never get motivated enough to write them!



I love Kate Spade and Crane & Co. for thank you notes. For everyday stationery, I love simple cards from Crane & Co. or Rifle Paper Co. Lilly prints (with a monogram) from Lifeguard Press are also a great option! The new Kate Spade collection is amazing as is the Sugar Paper collaboration with J. Crew. You can never have too much stationery!