Accessories for Desks

When I was originally moving into my apartment, I thought I didn’t need a desk. In total “make space where you can” fashion, I thought that having a kitchen table would suffice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great kitchen table and it would work as a desk, but it didn’t feel all that right. For starters, I don’t have much of a kitchen and I need additional counter space. I also like to spread my papers and notebooks and lists around the table. And if I’m taking a break, I didn’t want to have to keep clearing off my table! (Because most of my breaks revolve around meals.)
Also in true NYC fashion, I don’t have that much space to work with. But I do have a nice little (and I really do mean little) nook in my bedroom that would be perfect for a desk. I moved the dresser that I had there into my closet (because that is the only place where it fits) and started measuring and hunting for narrow desks.
Most desks on the market were too wide. But, I found the West Elm Parsons Mini desk to be an absolute perfect fit! It fits really nicely in the space and even has a mini drawer!
(Oh, and can we talk about how fabulous my new wallpaper is? You can enter to win some for yourself here! It’s removable and apartment/dorm approved!)
The problem is that I really do need to find some cute desk accessories. I have a post about essentials for your desk, but I really need to get cute things for my desktop. Nothing too Pinterest-y (I find those “perfect” desks overwhelming and not all that practical).
Here’s what I’m thinking:
The Lacquer Office Set from West Elm. I really like how clean and simple the accessories are. With the bold wallpaper behind my desk, I’d really prefer to stay away from crazy colors! I think the white would pop against the wallpaper and the dark desk. Plus I think it’s grownup without looking too grownup.
See Jane Work also has cute desk accessories. Some are cheesier than others, but I think overall it’s a pretty good selection!
I’d really like to stick to one brand for the whole shebang so it has a consistent look. I think I’m going to make a trip to the Container Store and Kate’s Paperie when I have a spare minute.
What desktop decor do you have?

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I'm still currently in the process of either getting a new desk or bring my old wood desk from my parent's house. My current table for the mean time has an organizer I got from Target for stick notes, usb card, pencils, and pens. I also have a calendar on the wall which keeps me in track.
This shelf desktop organizer though is perfect for desk that don't come with drawers:



I always had some sort of small clear drawers (from Target) on my desk for random things with a little place at the top to hold pens. and for some random reason I always had a candle or fake illuminating candle on my desk, too.

Deonnah Davis

Im glad you decided to get a desk! I wish I had one right now! The desk is my favorite piece of furniture! Since I am a "poor college student", I like to go to target and get their desk collection which includes a pencil cup, stationary holder, trash can, etc. I love your desk and your wallpaper!! Haha, it's funny what you say about Pinterest desk! I look at them and think I will never have a desk sooo decorate but I am guilty of having a "workspace" board!! Have a good day!!

Paige Ladisic

I wish I had space on my desk to decorate it with cute supplies! mine is taken over by my coffee pot and my obsessive collection of paperclips and pens.

Julia D.

That's such a cute nook. I love the wallpaper! I got my desk from IKEA and I love it. Its white and is perfect when I take the time to organize it. Its also super long which works for me because, like you, I need everything spread out in front of me.