Taking time to breathe

If you read my Prep Talk from last night… this post might make more sense.
This week I’m going to be going through every aspect of my life and decluttering. It’s like a spring cleaning, but in the fall… and with my life!
I’m going to be sorting through every email, reading text messages and finding the ones I missed, finishing the book I’m currently reading, writing the fourteen thank you notes I owe people, catching up on the sleep I have missed, and carving out one hour of every day for myself.
I. Really. Need. It.
Do you need to do a little fall-life-cleaning? What three things would you implement this week to make sure you have time to breathe (and time for yourself)?

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Eliza :: Case Study

I'm right there with you right now. We're moving from VA to GA at the end of the week, and I'm so anxious about it all I'm starting to lose sleep over it. This week I'm going to work on going to bed a little earlier (so I miss those most-stressful-for-me hours after midnight) and staying focused on the moment. Good luck this week! xo, eliza

Amanda Wasmer

This sounds like exactly what I need right now. I think I'm going to do this. No, I AM going to do this. No more putting it off! 🙂

Deonnah Davis

Fall cleaning is just what I need! First of all, I would need to wake up earlier. I have a tendency of waking up late because I'm not in school this semester. Second of all, I need motivation. I feel like I'm in a rut! Do you have any suggestions? And three of all, I just need to do it! I'm definitely going to attempt this fall cleaning! It's much needed! Thanks for the post and motivation !


I had a great reply to this last night, clicked something and it all went away. Sadly, I can't rewrite word-for-word, but I will try. I do the exact same thing. I love everything I do and always take on more and more. But there is a point at which you must say no. I try to remind myself when I am in these situations and usually having a breakdown of sorts that the world will go on. Yes, possibly not how you planned and yes, you may have to pick up the pieces and move on, however you are still here. And you will continue to do what you love. So don't feel badly for saying no, and never feel badly for hitting 'pause' for a day or two on some things. The world will wait because we are all just pieces. Not a single one of us makes the clock tick, it is a group effort. Believe me, I am currently working 2 jobs totaling 26 hours a week, a full course load, I am vice president of my sorority and overcommit every week with social obligations and friend favors. I get it, I truly do. This month I forgot to pay my internet bill… because I hadn't written it in both planners. Take a deep breath, unplug yourself (no but really) and sleep. When you wake up, clean up your clothes, shoes, dishes, organize your notebooks, notes, papers, forms, and start anew. It is possible, you're almost there! <3

Julia D.

Best of luck! That sounds like an awesome idea and, as soon as I have time, it will be one I'm stealing to implement in my own life.


Just came across this today whilst scrolling for some inspiration. This is EXACTLY what I need to do, four years later and you still hit the nail on the head. Thanks Carly 🙂