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I love Nordstrom.  A lot a lot a lot.  The only thing I dislike about the amazing department store is that I end up wanting more every time we go!
Recently, our local Nordstrom added a new counter on the second floor.  I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s sort of contemporary and sort of designer.  Whatever it is, I love it.
Sporty Sister and I discovered these really fun bangles by Alex and Ani.
Think about your current bangle collection.  Do you have a favorite one that never gets worn because it’s too big?  I seriously have three or four that fall off my wrist every time I lower my hand!
These bangles are expandable!!!  Hello, genius.
They expand and “pop” open really wide and then you put the bracelet on and let the bangle take its shape perfect for YOUR wrist!  It’s really fun to open and close it, but it’s also really practical.
Love the pink.  These would totally complement your favorite stack!

Banana?  Ha, these are great.  Love the charms.

Who doesn’t love a bracelet with your initial?

Something blue?

Wouldn’t this be a great present?
So, what do you think?  Does anyone have one?

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Short, Sweet, and Petite

So happy to see that there's a post on Alex & Ani! Their store in Newport is down the street from my school and I love popping in to see what new bangles they have. They're also affordable too! 🙂

Southern Princess

It's a banana! On first glance I thought it was a piece of corn. Have a friend who went to University of Nebraska, that would have been a great gift for him! xoxo


I did a theme throughout my alex & ani stack and have some blue beaded ones, the anchor, crab, starfish & sailboat
love that Alex & Ani is getting exposure! great company and everything is made in RI which is awesome!


I have a gold one with a turquoise bead/stone that I recently purchased at a local boutique. Haven't worn it yet, and this reminds me that I need to break it out and do so ! I have really tiny wrists and I love that it pops open and then stays fitted to the wrist.

Jessica Nicole

What a good idea! I have tiny wrists and bangles never stay in place on me to the point where I can't even wear them. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


I love Alex & Ani! They have a great boutique in Boston! FYI they are going to be on GiltGroupe tonight so you should definitely make a purchase!

Love your blog!


lamb loves


One of my favorite bracelets is Alex and Ani! I love that it's local to RI and unique in design.

TIP: they feature one bracelet each month and reduce its price — a great way to start or add to your Alex and Ani collection!