What I Wore :: The Book

If you’re on Tumblr, then you definitely follow What I Wore.  And if you don’t, you should!!!
First of all, Jessica’s outfits are so amazing.  I love seeing her daily posts pop up on my dashboard.  She wears clothes that are timeless and trendy and can pull off just about anything.
She was invited to NYFW and I loved reading all of her insights about the different shows she went to.
(Did I mention that her husband is her photographer?  Precious.)
Well, she just wrote a book and it’s coming out in TWO WEEKS.  I for one, cannot wait!  But the best news is that she’s giving away 10 signed copies.  You can read more about the contest here.


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OMG when you scroll up and down where the 9 pictures that say what I wore, it moves!