Officially Summer :: Beat the Heat

Yes, I have been in summer mode for quite some time, but now it’s REALLY summer… and the weather seems to be cooperating with the change of seasons.
The forecast for Tampa today.
Very fitting for the first day of summer…… What do I do when it’s hot and humid?
For starters, I stay inside as much as possible.
I have given up the blow dryer and straightener too.  I can’t get out of a hot shower and then stand under a blow dryer and then use a hot flat iron on my hair.  It is just about enough to make me faint!  Not to mention afternoon storms and the plain ol’ humidity are perfect for curls.
Garnier Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel to the rescue.  It works.  Trust me.
Looking cute takes a bit of a backseat to staying cool.
  Beat the Heat


This is basically my summer uniform.
J. Crew Chino Shorts + Old Navy V-neck T + Jack Rogers
When I do make it outside, sunscreen is more than important.  Just from walking around every day, I have tan lines on the tops of my feet from my Jack Rogers!
Remember my summer makeup video?  Moisturizers with SPF are key.
Laying out by the pool?  My checklist includes: Bug spray (I am a mosquito magnet), sunblock, sunglasses, hat, and WATER.
How are you planning on beating the heat this summer?

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I love my tinted moisturizer too!! Love that you capitalized water. So many people forget to hydrate! It's very hot here in VA too, I might as well be in FL!


I completely agree with you about the classic summer uniform! It's not too hot here in New England yet… so I'm enjoying the 75 degree weather while it lasts! Thanks for the tips <33

Anna H

I'm in South Carolina and it's going to hit 110 heat index today! That's pretty much my uniform from now until September.

The City Boy

hope you have a great summer! Why must it always be humid when its hot?!? at least thats how it is here in the northeast!


I live in J. Crew chino shorts, too; I'm wearing my white ones right now! Good luck with the humidity, Carly!

little miss southern love.

Yes, I agree! I live in southwest FL and we have the same weather! Hot, hot and hotter. I love this spray by garnier but I actually have been using on called 'wonder waves'. Also have been sticking to the same summer wardrobe!


Emily LaRene

Ditto the tinted moisturizer, I love Laura Mercier. I also wear waterproof mascara in the summer – here in New Orleans makeup will literally melt off from the heat/humidity! Water with cucumber in it, and moisturizing all the time! Happy summer!