All I need is warm weather!

I love Soccer Mom.  She knows me way too well!  She bought me the absolute cutest Lilly dresses and shipped them up to me!  They’re a smidge too big, but nothing a couple of darts can’t fix.  She also bought a vineyard vines halter top in the cutest pattern and bermuda shorts.  Unfortunately, they’re both too big, but maybe a talented seamstress can fix them up.  The yellow dress is gorgeous.  It’s so sunny and bright and I love the details.  I also love the two strapless dresses.  I tried them on and couldn’t help but put on a pair of my white Jack Rogers.  I said a tiny prayer that it would warm up really soon.  But, low and behold it was FREEZING this morning.  Yuck!
This morning I woke up with a horrible sore throat and congestion.  Correction, I have had a sore throat for two weeks, but this morning it was way worse!  I haven’t had a voice since the first day of spring break.  I decided I have to do something and get it checked out, even though I hate the doctor.  After waiting on hold for 15 minutes with the Student Health Center, I finally made an appointment for tomorrow to get tested for Strep Throat.  I’m also going to make sure I don’t have Mono.  Cross your fingers that it’s at the worst Strep.  I really don’t feel like dealing with Mono.  Blech.  I still don’t have a voice.  Even some of my teachers have noticed than I’m not my perky self.  I just want my voice back!!!
One thing did make me feel better though!!! Miss Janice hosted a Lilly Pulitzer “Fashion Show.”  She sent me a package with the best Lilly goodies!!! 🙂 I am so so so happy!  It made my day!  I saw the Lilly stationery online but not in person.  It is SO much better in person… who would have thought!  The notebook is darling!  I can’t decide what to use it for!  I’ll probably save it until I have the perfect excuse to write in it.   Oh and I just love the little circular notes!  It’s one of my all time favorite patterns.  Thank you Thank you Thank you Miss Janice!  I couldn’t be happier!
-College Prepster

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OK Miss Janice!!!! I had already thought to send her the same, figuring even though she had no voice…she could Write!!! I will think of something else, with Soccer Mom’s help, of course. Hope voice comes back soon…the boys can’t row without it!!!


A notebook is sooo handy….write your thoughts similar to a journal…Hmmm!!! something every female should always have forever in their lifetime. Looking back is so fun to realize what was soo important at the moment, not so now, or even maybe more now!!! Memories are what it is all about for a writer and Carly..YOU are a writer!!!

Kathie Truitt

You are being modest, bless your heart. If you won’t tell anyone then I will. The reason College Prepster got the Lily goodies from Miss Janice was because we all voted that she was the cutest in her Lily Pulitzer dress. That’s how she got all the wonderful things from Miss Janice. Congratulations!