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Bow lovers, this one is for Y O U! Since bows are trendy AF right now, they are everywhere. It’s been terrible for my wallet; but I don’t hate it.

All the Bows

All the Bows

My love of bows runs deep. One of my very earliest memories was from when I was a toddler and my mom was taking me to go get my pictures taken. It was like a whole studio set up and my mom had this adorable outfit all picked out…. And I insisted on wearing a handful of them. Every curl on my head had a bow! It was quite the look and should have been a hint to everyone that I was a bow girl for life, through and through.

They had a moment when I was in high school– everyone was into grosgrain ribbon belts and skinny grosgrain for a hot second and then the fad passed. I couldn’t let go of them though and continued to wear them, even if it meant that I was going to be made fun of. And then In college, headbands were huge (thanks to Gossip Girl I think!) and then those came and went too.

Looks like bows are totally back in though.

They truly are everywhere. It’s so amazing that every time I sign into Instagram, I have at least ten DMs from you guys sending me something with a bow on it. It’s the best!

All the Bows

With the holidays coming up, I feel like retailers really went bows to the wall. (Ummmm that was a bad joke, I don’t think it worked, but went for it anyway, okay?) Bows all over trees. (I did gingham and tartan on my office tree last year and I think I’m leaning towards plaid for our main tree this year.) Ornaments with bows. Holiday dresses with bows. Plaid shoes with bows. Tons of options for decor or gifts… for yourself or your friends who love them. Let me know what strikes your fancy ✨

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So fun and quite festive this time of year! I love all the bow earrings and the bow hair tie!

Marli Hipólito

Olá Carly, adoro laços também. Tenho dois filhos, não dá para colocar laços 🤣 vou colocando em mim! Beijinhos 😘


Love all of these! Is RewardStyle down? None of the links are loading for me but maybe they will be back up soon- can’t wait to shop!