All the Paris Things

On our last night in Paris, I was sitting in bed window shopping on the internet looking at various Paris mementos. I showed Carter something and she, hilariously, said, “Goes to Paris once, buys all the Eiffel Tower things.” Guilty. Although I don’t think I’m *actually* going to turn into a walking meme over here. (Or will I?!)

I do think I’m going to eventually get this Instagram framed with Framebridge to add to my travel gallery wall. But it hasn’t stopped me from taking a peek at all the cute Paris things!


“Paris Is Always a Good Idea” Trinket Tray // Paris Map Wall Art

Eiffel Tower Candle // French Girl Sea Soak // City Toile iPhone Case

The New Paris // Bon Voyage Paris Art Print

Parisian Notebook // Paris Skyline Dish // Paris Vignettes Wallpaper

Paris Agenda // Paris and the Single Girl Pillow

Paris Street Shop Print // Parisian Set of Cards

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Alex C

Love this collection! They’re the perfect balance of whimsical and nostalgic– definitely not too touristy.


Look into the book “This is Paris” by Miroslav Sasek. It’s a kids’ book but it has great illustrations of Paris. The illustrations make for great wall art too. There are other cities in the series too.


“The New Paris” is a well photographed book. I bought it in preparation for my upcoming trip to Paris.