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On Sunday, I went to the Tony Awards watch party hosted by IBM followed by the after party at the Plaza. This was my third year attending, and the excitement has not worn off. It’s such a ridiculously fun night. Super fancy dresses, an insane amount of delicious food, and celebrities everywhere.

While I think I’d prefer to just live in jeans, I do love getting to dress up in a gown for events like this! I wore this red gown that I rented from Rent the Runway. (If you’re thinking of renting it as well, the customer reviews on the site are spot on.)

Tony Awards After Party

Ten (!!!) things on my radar this week:

ONE // Beach Day Towel

Probably because I went to high school in Florida, but beach towels were super popular (and amazing) graduation gifts. I also think they make good hostess gifts, especially if you’re staying at someone’s vacation home! How cute is this one from Kate Spade?! 

TWO // Doughnut Inspiration

I saw this inspirational post pop up on my Facebook feed, and I LOVED it!!! I’m all about the “plain doughnuts” in life. (Even though chocolate sprinkle doughnuts happen to be my favorite, haha.)

THREE // Oprah and Gayle Forever

I’ve always loved Oprah and Gayle’s friendship. They truly seem like the best of friends, and it’s something I admire.

FOUR // Draper James’ Fourth of July Collection

With my Fourth of July trip approaching, I have been trying to plan what to pack. (You know completely important things.) Loving the pieces for the Draper James’ Fourth of July collection.

FIVE // Twelve Grades of “First Day” Interviews

I’m so sensitive to anything school related, particularly first days and last days. (Don’t even get me started on parents dropping kids off for college…. I cry whenever I think about it.) A dad interviewed his daughter on the first day of every grade and, well, waterworks for me!

SIX // Ladylike Fosters Dogs for Two Weeks

The girls of Ladylike (a Buzzfeed Youtube channel) fostered dogs for two weeks. I loved the video because #dogs, but also because it sheds some light on the real “fun” of having a new dog.

SEVEN // It’s Not About the Gear

You don’t need to spend a million dollars to take quality photographs. I think one of my goals for the second half of the year is to take a photography course finally. I see words like “aperture,” and I immediately freeze up… I want to eventually figure out the manual mode! (If anyone has a favorite photography workshop, let me know!)

EIGHT // Eyelet Skirt

So LOFT’s new arrivals are super cute. Speaking of Fourth of July outfits, this skirt could be a top contender! I loooooooove the eyelet pattern on it.

NINE // 6-Year Old Catches a Massive Fish

This is the cutest video of a little girl catching a giant fish. She’s so tiny, but she reels that fish in like a pro using her pink fishing pole, no less. But the best part is the pride on her face when she holds it up at the end!

TEN // UPS Man + Dogs

Saved the best for last! I think we can all relate to this UPS worker taking selfies with these dogs, right? He’s being dubbed “the best UPS man on the planet,” and I’d have to agree.

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Ashley Corcoran

I absolutely loved number 5! What a sweet thing for that father to do!! I definitely want to do this for my future children.

Alex C

Love the eyelet skirt– I’ve really appreciated that so many of the clothing items you’ve posted recently are affordable. A lot of bloggers get caught up in only showing super-pricey brands, and while I love to drool over those expensive outfits, it’s nice to see so many things on your blog that I can realistically buy!


I took the Mastering Manual class on-line at Pretty Forum ( It was a good intro class, but I had to find a real class with a real teacher (maybe because I’m older and need the “real” instead of the internet!) I appreciated having other students in the class with me asking questions I hadn’t thought of. I took my class at the Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Studio, but I’m sure you could find a class near you. I truly believe your photographs take on a whole new dimension if you work with them in Lightroom in post production. Good luck with your photo journey!

Ashley Barker

On My Radar is in my top fav things featured on the blog.. I look forward to it to it every week!! And I also love seeing your photos from the Tony Awards every year- I’d be so excited I wouldn’t know what to do! Love the UPS man too! Too good


You should check out Kelly in the City’s guide to photography. It’s a nice quick overview on all the different terms to get started!


Girl, if you want to learn how to shoot in manual mode, I’d LOVE to teach you! I just started offering mentoring and have coached a few people so far and after one lesson, they know what they’re doing! 🙂