Eyelet in Paris

About to type something I thought I would never type here on the blog. If you’re not shopping at Abercrombie, you are missing out!!! I almost don’t want to share because I feel like it’s the best-kept secret right now. But what kind of blogger would I be then?!

I ordered this white eyelet dress. It’s currently on sale, but even at full price, it’s 100% worth it. Like dress-of-the-summer worth it.

Right before Paris, I went on a mini-spree trying to get dresses and such for my trip. My original plan was to wear it with white Jacks and this lemon sweater. I always like to go into trips with my outfits planned out. Of course, I realized the sweater was not going to work with the heat. Even keeping it on my shoulders was out of the question. I ended up keeping it super simple with light pink flats and a light pink bag.

Abercrombie Clothes





I think the dress would have been darling with the yellow sweater, but it looked so dainty and cute with just the pink.

A few highlights about the dress:

– There are pockets. (I can just end it there, right?)

– The smocked back ensures a perfect fit.

– The straps are adjustable. Adjustable!!!!

– I think it’s a great length. It feels flirty without showing too much leg.

(Because I know at least one person will ask, I’m not wearing a bra or anything under the dress…. It’s lined, and with the smocking in the back, I didn’t find it necessary.)

Abercrombie Eyelet Dress

I felt so comfortable touring museums, walking miles outside, dining at charming restaurants, and getting some shopping in.

Inexpensive Eyelet White Dress

My favorite lunch of the trip was at Le 52! More details on where we went and what we ate in this Paris Travel Guide.

Shopping in Paris What to wear in Paris White Eyelet Dress

Photography by Carter Fish

White Eyelet Dress (on sale!) // Ballet Flats // Handbag (c/o, on sale!) // Similar Bracelet // Similar Necklace

Shop even more Abercrombie dresses below:

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I glad you skipped the yellow sweater, the way you wore is very clean and chic. It looks like something a french woman would wear.

Jess Zimlich

I just ordered a few things from them last week! I love how things come full circle 🙂 I lived in Abercrombie in middle/high school. You look gorgeous!

Taylor Martin

It really is the best kept secret right now! Some of my favorite basic dresses I got at Abercrombie this year. My friends are always surprised when they ask where my outfit is from!

I will say it’s a bit easier to stomach shopping their online store – I had to go into the store to exchange something last week and it felt like a time warp (loud music, dark lighting, strong smell.. ah!)

You look so great in these photos, you can definitely see the definite in your arms, back, and chest! Keep it up gf!



I had been looking (for weeks) for a white dress to wear to my engagement party and as soon as you posted this I knew this was the one! Thank you for sharing – it’s been years since I shopped at abercrombie and I never would have thought to look there, but this dress is perfect. Can’t believe it even has pockets!!! So excited to wear it 🙂

Alex C

Beautiful! I’m (hopefully) headed to Europe in August and have been stocking up on dresses for the trip so I’m glad to see I’m on the right track. Also LOVE the Margaux flats– I discovered the brand through your blog and they’re at the top of my wishlist now!


You are far braver than me! I could never wear a white dress without a bra. It looks great on you!


It’s so funny that you love this dress because I work at Abercrombie and Fitch and when I first saw these dresses (before they were even online or on the sales floor), I immediately thought of you!

Katie | Katie's Kronicles

LOLOL! I know what your talking about. I ordered the dress in yellow once I saw it on you and I was blown away by how well it fit and cute it was. I have not shopped at Abercrombie since I was in Jr. High. That like 14 years ago, oh my! They have really upped their game for Spring and Summer! Adore the white color on you!

Katie | http://www.katieskronicles.org


I love Abercrombie’s stuff now! Going into the store I feel like I’m 16 again but the clothes are worth it haha


The dress is cute, and I ended up buying it in the yellow color. I love that they offer free in-store pickup!


Carly you are so right about Abercrombie. I haven’t shopped there since maybe 9th or 10th grade. Their vibe has totally changed and matured. I just ordered the dress you are wearing except in yellow.


Love it!! After you first posted about it a while back I bought the black version! I was pretty tempted to get the white but I seriously have a white dress/shirt problem so I got the black one instead. But so cute for Abercrombie.


Hello Carly,

I am definitively in love of your wardrobe (oups)
This dress is so poetic on you and what a better place than le musée de l’orangerie to wear it. (sorry if my sentence is uncorrect, I stay a french girl who wants to improve my English ;-))
I hope you enjoy your stay in Paris with your friend. Paris is such a wonderful place to visit with many things to do. I wish you to come back in France to explore other nice place.