Almond Tin

Next to my wallet and my “Omg! I wish I had a….” Kit, you’ll almost always find a bag of almonds tucked in my Longchamp.  When I’m out and about, sometimes unexplained hunger hits me and I’m so famished that I could faint.
Almonds (particularly of the Cocoa Roasted variety) are the perfect snack to get me back on my feet.  Unlike granola bars, almonds don’t get squished or squashed as easily.  Unlike fruit, it can sit in my bag for a few days without worrying about… whatever, I don’t even want to think about fruit rotting in my handbag!
I was flipping through a magazine- can’t think of the name…. and I saw an advertisement for these super cute tiny almond tins.  Apparently California Almonds were giving them away, but now they are selling them for less than $2.
I googled “favor tins” and found all sorts of really cute tins that are supposed to be for weddings.  I think the possibilities are endless!!!
Any other almond fans???

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I purposely buy a resealable bag of almonds to keep in my purse, but these tins would be a much cuter and more space-efficient way to carry them around.


Almonds are the best for beating hunger! I'm a huge fan and favor tins seem like a perfect idea. They are much cuter and sturdier than resealable baggies. Now, I have to go looking for a tin!


I love almonds and should probably keep them with me when I'm around campus instead of going and buying a huge snack from our business school. Great idea 🙂 I especially love the coco dusted almonds.


I'm the same way! Always have some almonds in my purse just in case 🙂 And boy have they helped me in some famished situations haha.


I love almonds and they are not only good ways to ease hunger but they are great for your hair and your metabolism! perfect!!!

Annica Benning

I always have a little ziploc baggie of almonds with some m&ms mixed in for those boring lecture classes. Saves me a trip to Starbucks for an overpriced cookie too!

Emily Kim

I love those tins. I also love almonds. It has a lot of protein to give you quick energy if you don't have time to eat.

At Michaels, these tins are cheap when you use a coupon– around $7 for 20 tins. They're awesome for storage of paper clips, bobby pins, etc. I craft a lot so there's more of a use for them. If you put a magnet on the back of them you can put them on a magnetic board or fridge. =)


I am a HUGE almonds fan – blue diamond, lightly salted in particular. Such a great snack during any time of the day, so I always have some on hand in my purse. Super healthy too (in moderation)!


Cute tin! Unfortunately, I'm allergic to almonds, but I'm sure I could find another use for this adorable little container.


If you would like to carry a granola bar in your bag and keep it from getting squished, try putting it in an empty eyeglass case. The hard-sided type with the hinge work perfectly. I learned this trick from a five-year-old little girl!