Back to School :: Clothing

Must haves for Back to School fall…
Blazers.  Stock up on all the colors!!!  There is nothing like dressing up a casual outfit with a blazer.  They’re not just for business casual anymore.  Wear a blazer over a summer dress to make it more appropriate for fall.  Wear over a tank top for a more conservative look.  Or wear it with jeans and heels for dinners with friends!
Ballet Flats.  As the weather cools down, keep your toes covered in comfortable flats.  Flats can be worn with high waisted skirts for a dressed up look, or jeans for a casual look.  Keep them tucked in your backpack to change into after a presentation or meeting!
** The Jack Rogers Girl sent me a pair after the giveaway I hosted… and let me tell you.. they are amazing!  So soft, definitely no achy “break in” period!**
Little Satchels.  They’re perfect for weekends, whether you’re shopping during the day or heading out to dinner at night.  Throw the essentials in and you’re off.
Thick Headbands.  Perfect for bad hair days, early mornings, or studying in the library.
Tinted Lip Balm.  Much more low-key than lipstick, the tinted balm still gives you a put together look.  Toss a few in your pencil case for quick pick-me-ups before class with that cute guy.
I think this fall is about using what you have and adding only a few key accessories to make your wardrobe feel like new!
What is on your must have list?

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