America Eats Tavern

Well, I’m happy to report that I’m actually capable of having fun.  Remember when I was worried that it wasn’t possible?  Possible.
The four of us went out to dinner to celebrate Helen’s birthday.  It was beyond amazing.
The food was incredible.
And the company was super entertaining.
You know when you have the perfect group of people together?  Where it’s just plain old fun?  This was a great combination of friends!!!  (Nat stood in as my boyfriend for the night!)
America Eats Tavern.
If you’re in DC, GO.  As soon as possible!  It’s open until July 2012!
I am so not a foodie.  Like, I’m totally content eating a bowl of cereal for every meal.  However, this was by far the best meal I have ever eaten in my life.  Wow.
(We knew we were in a great restaurant when Nat noticed that Ted Allen was at the table next to us!)

Taking pictures with our personal menus… that’s how good it was.

The restaurant concept is super cool.  It’s all based on American history.  The bill came in a book!
Any foodies out there?

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What Kate Wore

I love his place, thematically and stylistically, just from reading the post, so the food is an added value!

(FYI, it's really me, Blogger won't let me comment as The Preppy Princess for some reason today, arrggh!)