dry humor

It’s officially that time of year when my lips, skin, and hair get ridiculously dry.  It’s such a strange change from Florida, where there’s 99% humidity 99% of the time.  Back home I’m constantly trying to manage the frizz in my hair.
Right now, I can’t go anywhere without lip balm.  And I’m definitely considering carrying around hand lotion, although that just is so not me.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t stand this dryness!!!!
Let’s go from head to toes here.
I’ve been using this Hana Shine Shield serum for my hair.  It definitely moisturizes; I use it on my ends (never my roots, yikes).  When my hair is super static-y, I also have been known to keep a dryer sheet in my pocket to combat the finger-in-an-electrical-socket look.
Bobbi Brown gets it right every time.  I start every winter season off with one of these jars.  Tiny, expensive, but definitely the best.  I have to build up my skin’s tolerance for moisturizer, otherwise I look really oily… So the first day, I’ll use a tiny dap and gradually increase every day.
I alternate between the original Burt’s Bees (burns so good) and this Mango Butter.  I love that it smells like a little burst of summer every time I use it.  (The minty one burns my lips really bad if it’s super cold outside, so this one is my “outdoor” lip balm!)
Elbows and knees need extra special care when it’s dry.  We have been using this Archipelago Botanicals MILK lotion for years in the College Prepster household.  I absolutely swear by it.  Every morning before school, Soccer Mom would put this lotion on our elbows and knees!
For days when I’m getting ready for bed, but my skin is so dry to the point where it hurts to have pajama bottoms on my legs… I could practically take a bath in this stuff.  St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea is super soothing.  I layer it on two, maybe three inches every night!
What tricks/products do you use for dry skin/lips/hair?

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Lauren Alyse

I LOVE the Burts Bees Mango butter lip balm (the mint one burns my lips too!), and I agree with KeelaShay on the water thing. Cocoa butter lotion is also a must…it moisturizes so well and smells yummy!


I always need to carry lip balm and hand lotion with me! My hands get so painfully dry in the colder months.


Ugh, unfortunately, I deal with this too! I'm terrible about carrying chapstick around, but I cannot stand the cracking!


I love Kiehls body lotion and bobbi brown lip balm! Clinique's dramatically different facial lotion keeps my skin sane during the chilly months.


I am almost 100% positive that there is a travel size St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea lotion. I saw it at Target but I'm sure drug stores carry it. You should definitely carry travel hand lotion. I ALWAYS have (travel size) hand lotion with me. Crazy but I have soft hands to prove it!