an impromptu saturday

So I woke up this morning at 5:34 with the absolute worst sore throat, puffy eyes, sore muscles, and stuffed nose. Everything was white outside, which was beautiful. But all I wanted to do was stay in bed forever.
But… I was convinced to go to brunch with Mackenzie and her cousin. It is after all, our one-year friendaversary.
Worth it.
I mean, right?
And then since I was already out and about… I went shopping with Lila!!! So much walking (read: slipping and sliding) in SoHo.
I was apparently ignorant of the snow outside and only thinking about warmer weather. How amazing is this new dress? Uniqlo is kind of like my new favorite place. Amazing.

Oh! And we got our eyebrows waxed at the Benefit Brow Bar in Bloomingdales. (Certainly a lot of B’s!)
Super recommended! We felt like entirely new girls!
Now I’m back to tissues and Netflix and throat lozenges. 
How was your Saturday?

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Shelby Foster

I hope you feel better soon Carly! This nasty weather has me feeling under the weather, too. Headed back home to Texas and 75 degrees tomorrow…but I had such a good time with you and Mackenzie at Jack Rogers on Friday. So great to meet you!



I lovelovelove Uniqulo. I've shopped there in England, Korea, multiple places in China and Singapore and their fit (on me) and value for money is amazing. The funny thing is that sizes are *totally* different in the East versus the West even at Uniqulo. I wear 4/6 at J.Crew, 6/8 at Uniqulo USA and I was the largest size available in Asia! I am so excited to see how you style their clothes!

Claire Peucker

I love impromptu plans, sometimes they're the best. I love that dress too btw. I heard that they might be opening a store in Australia so I'm very excited.