After fashion week back in September, I was super excited for some of the shows this time around. Because I’m full-time at Levo now (yay!), I had to scale back the ones I decided to go to. Obviously the presentation at Kate Spade was not a question. And the blogger get together at Jack Rogers was an absolute yes too!
Despite the fact that I’m super sick right now (eep! horrible sore throat and stuffy nose) and the inclement weather, it was really a fun day. Actually it was kind of bizarre and totally all over the place. But amazing in every single way.
I woke up exceptionally early to get some L(L) stuff done. And then I panicked because the snow was already beginning to fall. So I threw on leggings and my puffer jacket and went to the nearest grocery store. Let me just say… I found the sweet spot for grocery store shopping in Manhattan!!! At seven in the morning, the aisles are EMPTY. Stress-free. I stocked up on food (and chocolates, duh!) in case the storm was super, super bad.
After finishing up work, I met Mackenzie in our neighborhood and we caught a cab downtown. We met up with little miss Inslee for cappuccinos and croissants. In typical Instagram-obsessed fashion, we all decided to capture the cappuccinos… there may or may not have been a countdown-to-upload involved.
We really weren’t looking forward to leaving the cafe because the snow had turned to seriously annoying icy rain. I wasn’t too excited about not being able to wear the cute heels I had picked out, but the Hunter Wellingtons ended up being the best decision of the day. (The worst? Leaving my gloves at home. Did I mention this was a blizzard?)
We arrived at the presentation soggy and basically frozen, but it was instantly fun! NEON & BLOGGER FRIENDS! And Kate Spade. Lots of Kate Spade

That bow.

Ha! Gotcha Miss Design Darling!

And then I found Bip Ling! Bip is so cool. We met last year when she worked out of the Levo office. She is beyond gorgeous and just has the coolness factor x 1000. Seriously. I hadn’t seen her in forever and it was such a surprise to see her again! And we matched!!
Okay so truthfully, the presentation was amazing– but super crowded. I think I started having a panic attack like the minute I walked in. I ended up walking from the presentation to the Levo office to get a few more minutes of work in. I have to say, walking two miles in a blizzard is the best cure for panic attacks. Blisters, frozen hands, and wind blown hair aside… I felt remarkably better when I got back to Union Square!
Before I knew it, I was walking back up to Jack Rogers. Despite the weather outside, I felt like I was in Palm Beach!!!
I was drawn to all the Georgetown colored shoes… Especially those loafers.
We previewed the new shoes and learned how to make floral arrangements and met more friends! Mackenzie, Anna, and I then braved the cold for a bit and got soup and sandwiches. I seriously could not stop thinking about soup. I think I talked about it for a solid thirty minutes.
Lots of fun!
I’m seriously surprised that I survived the day. I woke up at 5am with an even worse sore throat. Eep! But it was worth it!!
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So jealous that you were invited to the KSNY presentation!!! If you don't mind me asking, how did you get invited to the presentation and the blogger event?

A Preppy State of Mind

What an eventful day!! It all sounds worth it to be able to attend the fashion events. The KS presentation looks like it was amazing! I am loving all of the Jacks. There's nothing like a fresh pair of Jacks to brighten any day. I hope you feel better, Carly!! Drink lots of hot tea 🙂

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Claire Peucker

Sounds like you managed to have a great day despite being sick, and totally worth it. You're so lucky to be able to attend such fun events, thanks for sharing so we can live vicariously through you! 🙂

Vina Smith

Attending a show at Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine!! You're so lucky to be able to have these awesome experiences! Hope you feel better soon though.


That cute top with the NY inspired print! Love it. Not sure about the sleeves, but I LOVE that print!! I am liking your dress too! Also I like your hair curly. I know you did the whole 30 day challenge thing, glad to see it stick around!




I was so excited to be able to attend a few fashion shows and presentations during New York Fashion Week. I had never been able to make it before since I was in school. (And as much as I would like to believe DC is close to Manhattan, those three and a half hour trips really start to take a toll.)
I went to BCBG, Kate Spade, Herve Leger, and Nanette Lepore.
If I’m going to be honest, I would say the whole fashion week thing is…. weird. It’s both completely awesome and completely bizarre at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I should be in awe of the shows or if I should laugh at the absurdity. (Is this bad to admit?)
I was also definitely the only one wearing ballet flats to each show. Or at least it felt like that!!!
BCBG and Herve Leger were cool, but definitely not really my style.
Nanette and Kate Spade, on the other hand…. amazing.
This is what I wore to the Kate Spade presentation. It was super comfortable. I threw on a sweater for when I went to the office later that afternoon.
Okay, ready for the fun part?

Last year, Kate Spade did the “Year of Color” and this year is the “Year of Pattern.” I’m beyond thrilled that next year is the “Year of Things We Love.” Because, naturally, I love all of the same things. (Especially ALL THE BOWS!)
Everything is super bold and fun and totally one hundred percent KSNY.

Aren’t the turquoise and pink hues to die for? 
Oh, bows on bows on bows. And how darling is her charm bracelet?

I have to say, as exciting and entertaining as an actual runway fashion show is, I love that Kate Spade does a presentation. It was in a super cool event space and everyone was milling about. Tons of bloggers were there, which is always fun to see familiar faces and meet new friends! And the best part is that you can really get really close to the clothing. Runways are intense, and unless you’re sitting in the front row (let’s face it, I’m definitely no Blair Eadie over here) you can’t really get a good look.

Okay. This was one of my favorite looks. The tweed is so not stuffy and that telephone necklace is too cute.
But my favorite look….

Oh, that coat. I need it.
PS Here is a series of pictures from Nanette Lepore. The colors were spot on.
Yea… that’s also Mr. Jay. HA.

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You're so lucky that you got to attend some NYFW shows!
It sounds like you had a fun time at the shows you attended 🙂

Honestly, I understand what you mean by the craziness that is fashion week.
Some of the shows are amazing and it's really cool seeing such a gathering of fashionable people dressed to the nines. At the same time, for every good show or great outfit or even a fantastic piece, there's one bizarre show or one insanely over the top outfit, or just something that makes you despair for the world.
So yes, I understand the idea that fashion week is just…weird. It's as it should be though!

Ahhhhh I'm so jealous of the shows you got to go to!
Even though BCBG and Herve Leger aren't really my style either, I still think that seeing the presentations would have been super inspiring and fascinating.
As for Nanette Lepore and Kate Spade, YOU LUCKY DUCK!

All those fun colors and adorable prints!
Oh my…I think I'm in heaven!
Polka dots and bows and pink. Swoon~
I better start saving up my pennies if I want to ever own any of those amazing pieces! 🙂

You looked marvelous by the way Carly!
Your dress is so colorful and fun and definitely very flattering on you.
Personally, I think I would have worn flats too if I was at fashion week! Weak feet, crazy high heels, and TONS of walking do not make a good combo 🙂

Thanks for sharing all these great photos!
I hope you have a marvelous week <3