An Old Favorite

Lacoste was HUGE when I was in high school. Absolutely huge. I went to a public school and we could wear whatever we wanted as long as our skirts/shorts were long enough and no tank tops or too much cleavage. Even without an imposed uniform, it seemed like everyone had a uniform: denim skirt + Lacoste polo.

When I go through old photos on Facebook, we are all just decked out in our Lacoste polos.  I also had a couple of dresses from Lacoste that I coveted. If you are a devout TCP follower, you might remember a couple of them from my mirror selfie days on Instagram too as I brought them along to college.

Lacoste Polo Dress

I can’t even remember when I got this particular polo dress. It’s definitely a staple and wears well year after year. I throw it in the wash with regular clothes and then air dry it, but it’s never lost its coloring or shape.

I love the sporty look of it with the shoes, too. I’ll almost always wear it with sneakers or Jack Rogers in the summer.

Navy Polo Dress

Carly Heitlinger  Monogrammed J McLaughlin Bag

Carly the Prepster

Polo Dress // Sneakers // Similar Cuff // Similar Bracelet // Wicker Handbag (c/o)

PS I had to include this photo; I went back through Facebook to find it… It’s so 2006. The shoulder Coach bags, ribbon belts, and Lacoste polos. 😂

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The necklaces!! I think I wore that exact same thing in high school… I love that you’ve taken an outfit we may cringe at a little now and upgraded it to match a more elevated style. I want to go through my old Facebook photos now to see if there are any outfits I can do the same thing with!

Dani Kennedy

Do the dresses fit TTS? Lacoste was all that when I was in high school, too, but I graduated in 1997.


The ribbon belts!! Isnt that a blast from the past. I was visiting my parents house last week and forgot to pack a belt and I dug one of those out from my mom’s closet.


I am so seeing myself in this post – definitely rocked a few pastel-colored polos in my day…I thought THE cutest look was a jean skirt, polo and clogs (why why why!!??)


Love the navy hair bow 🙂

I was so glad when denim skirts started to make a come back! Although I am glad they’re not so short or low cut.


The throwback is too funny 😂 you really weren’t kidding about the unofficial official uniform.