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First… I want to kick off today’s post with a giant THANK YOU I made the right decision to take a step back from the blog. Last week was really rough for me and I know, turn off comments for a week, and come back with a clear head. I just want you to know how much your support means and I definitely felt the love. ❤

One thing I haven’t done much of lately is bake. It’s one of my favorite activities to do (does baking count as a hobby?!), but I hadn’t spent much time doing any baking. I’ve been trying to eat healthier with my workout routine so I was avoiding baking. It brings me so much joy though, so I was happy to get to roll up my sleeves and bake some cookies for a beach trip. I was on the fence about going because I have been traveling so much, but I am also glad I decided to go. Sometimes you just need to choose joy! Plus, I know the cookies won’t last long with so many people around, so it’s not as big of a sugar temptation. I used my family favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and threw in sprinkles into the batter and then dunked the cookie dough balls into sprinkles. OBSESSED with how festive they turned out!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

(PS I had some questions on IG about what shoes I’m wearing– they’re slippers from Birdies! Super cute and super comfortable.)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week (apparently this post has a baking theme… no wonder I was in the mood to bake, LOL):

ONE // Rainbow Croissants

Croissants seem extremely difficult to make. They are some of my absolute favorite treats; almond croissants may just be my love language. Yum! I’m tempted to try to make them one day or at least to go to, like, a baking class to learn from a pro. I am so in love with how these rainbow croissants turned out.

TWO // Striped Blouse

Last weekend I popped into LOFT in Times Square while waiting for friends to park before going to a Broadway show. If I hadn’t been going to the show, I think I would have spent some time doing actual shopping instead of browsing. Everything looked reallllllly cute right now. Love this striped blouse and this pearl button dress (40% off right now!!!).

THREE // Silk Bow-Back Top

I love how this top is both casual and dressed up at the same time. Obviously, I love it because there’s a bow, but it also just looks so well made and tailored. I can’t decide between the cream and the navy…

FOUR // Zero Waste Chocolate Cake

These zero-waste challenges are fascinating to watch. Even if you don’t practice a zero-waste lifestyle (I don’t), you can get great baking ideas and inspiration from watching. Maybe you implement one or two of the tips in your own baking. I couldn’t believe how professional and perfect Sara’s cake turned out. I wanted a bite!

FIVE // Swimming with Whales

This is a super long video, so if you’re at work, bookmark this to watch it this weekend. If you’ve been following The Bucketlist Family’s journey, the husband sold a company for a lot of money and he and his wife packed up the kids to just travel around the world. They just bought a house so they’re settling down and won’t be traveling 24/7 anymore, but they went out with a BANG. This video brought me to tears– they swim with whales and the footage is just unbelievable.

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Your post earlier this week broke my heart. When I was in college I had a really rough time and your posts brought me so much joy! I planned to one day move to dc and loved seeing any snippet of your life there. I now live in dc and I love it. (Also a jersey girl here!!!).

love the slippers!!! But I must ask: do your dogs think they’re toys?!? Oh man, my dog would go insane for them.


Idk if you purchased the navy Loft dress but it would look great on you. FYI


I always list baking as one of my hobbies! It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m in a bad mood or am feeling off. It’s very cathartic as it let’s me get outside my head and bring my attention to something else, and produces yummy treats!

Have a wonderful weekend, Carly!

xo, Taylor

Jessica from What To Style

I got so curious to see the “Swimming with Whales” video that I already bookmarked to watch it later!

Have an amazing and peaceful weekend, Carly! ❤

Jessica | |
Instagram @ what_to_style


With your love of baking, have you watched the Great British Baking Show??? I know its on Netflix and PBS – the contestant bakers are darling, the judging is great and the show just makes you smile – and want one of everything that they are baking! Check it out 🙂


Love the Birdies! When I heard Meghan Markle had them for her wedding, I filled my need for them!


Happy Friday! I would definitely say baking is a hobby, and I’m glad you chose joy! Embracing joie de vivre is necessary when you’re a human being.