An Outfit for Traveling

I pretty much wear the same thing every time I travel. Jeans. A t-shirt. And a sweater. Plus comfortable shoes. 1) It’s super comfortable. 2) It requires no thought. 3) I’m always freezing in airports and on planes. 4) I’m paranoid about spilling things or feeling wrinkly.

I switched things up (ever so slightly!) with these seaside pants! I had been eying them online and decided to go for them to try. Obsessed.

When I posted about them on Snapchat, I had a ton of questions about the fit. They definitely fit on the bigger side. I would go down at least a size, maybe two. I ended up getting the regular 00, but rolled the waistline Soffe-style for most of the day (except for when my shirt was tucked in, ha).

J. Crew Seaside Pants

Heyyyy…. A mirror selfie! (That’s a spot on the mirror, btw, not on my pants!)

This ended up being the perfect outfit for an overnight flight. I felt comfortable and at least sort of put together. My room wasn’t fully ready when I got there in the morning. I ended up staying in the outfit for post of the day. Even though they’re pants, they were a great choice for even a 90-degree day.

Seaside Pants J. Crew

We had an evening bike tour booked and I went back and forth on what to wear. I was torn between pants and shorts… Sooooo glad I went with pants. I opted for a clean white tee just to feel a little more freshened up. When the sun set, it cooled off a lot. Plus they were comfortable on a bike.

Seaside Pants // Canvas Sneakers // Lemon Scarf // Navy & White T-Shirts // Similar Necklace

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They are! But I’m wearing them with these no-show socks:


Are these pants linen? They sort of remind me of the Lilly Pulitzer beach pants which, although a little less versatile due to the print, are also one of my go-to’s for traveling!

Katherine Hendrickson

How do they stand up to wrinkles??? And do you find them to be true to size? Thanks!


Love all these travel tips! Are your Supergas in color coffee or white? Thanks!


I was so hoping these would be included in J.Crew’s major summer sale yesterday, but alas, I might just have to purchase them full price! They look 100% worth it though!


I took your advice about the Studio t-shirts a few weeks back and they are my new favorite tee! Thanks for sharing!

Shannon Mahaney

Those pants are so cute! Perfect for traveling. I generally wear jeans, a tshirt, my Nikes and carry along a light jacket in case I get cold.


Love this look, especially how comfortable it is! Comfy casual is definitely needed on long flights.

Much love,
Ashley |


Ooooh the good old Soffe days! One time when I was traveling my parents found a giant Soffe outlet store in either North or South Carolina and my sis and I went insane!!! A cheerleaders dream come true ahhaah!

I really do like the loose fit of the pants. I have jogger pants like that from LOFT and on days I’m not feeling well or need to do a lot of lifting heavy things I’ll wear them. They work well with a army vest over a plain t-shirt to add some layers!

Katie |

Kelly B.

How did I miss these pants?! Those are totally something I would wear all weekend long, and I love the green color for a little something different!

Taylor //

Carly, these are so cute! I actually just wore an extremely similar version of this outfit on a recent flight to Bermuda, except mine were last years LOFT pants. Loved the whole thing though, and I just added an oversized scarf for the flight which served very nicely as a blanket 🙂