Oh my gosh… I don’t even know where to start with what to do in Paris. If you’ve already been, you’re probably not going to learn anything new here. (But feel free to stick around for the photos or to hear about my experience.) If you’ve never been but want to go, this is definitely for you.

Paris has been on my bucket list for years. I kept putting it off for a number of reasons, but the thought of planning the trip and making sure I was going all the best things to do in Paris was a huge hurdle in my head. Paris is definitely one of those trips where you can spend months planning the *perfect* trip. There is just so much to see and do and eat. Not to mention there are countless day trips you can take from the city.

Coming from someone who is a terrible traveler (so much anxiety, y’all), I will say that Paris is an extremely friendly city for tourists. You do not have to be a travel pro to have an incredible time in Paris, and I appreciated that. If you can navigate New York City (even just basically), you’ll have zero problems navigating Paris.

In this post, I’m going to share some general tips and then break down our Paris itinerary including where we stayed, ate, and went every day. I’m not sure that we made the days as efficient as possible, but I liked popping around on the Metro and not worrying about being somewhere specific at any given time.

Before I get into it though, I do want to touch on safety as that was my number one concern. First of all, everyone warns you about pickpockets. And with the highest terrorism alert, I was even more on edge. A terrorist attack can happen anywhere, and there’s not a lot you can do to control that. I had to keep repeating that to myself. You can, however, be smart about your traveling. Be with a friend, share your itinerary/contact information with family back home, sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, don’t walk around with headphones in, etc. I will say that there was visible security pretty much everywhere. At first, it was kind of scary to see machine guns, but then it felt reassuring. I almost threw up when I saw two police officers in the bathroom in the airport with machine guns… and then realized that I’d much rather see them there than not!!! At one point, Carter and I were walking home from dinner at about 10:30… the sun had just barely set, so it was kind of dark. A drunk man started dancing/stumbling around us, and five police officers who were stationed on the corner PERKED UP and stood at attention. I swear they were ready to tackle the guy– or worse– if he took another step closer to us. I also think because there was so much security, we didn’t see as many pickpockets too. All things considered, I felt super safe.

What to Do in Paris

What to do in Paris including the best things to do in Paris and a Paris itinerary

Photos + video by Carter Fish

My overall tips for what to do in Paris:

– Know you’ll have to make a second trip! Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed figuring out what to do in Paris. With so much to do, you’d basically have to move to Paris for a month or more to fit everything in. I kept having to remind myself that this was my first of many trips and I didn’t have to “do it all” right away. I wanted to cross off the basics on my first trip so I could say I did them and not feel like I missed out on a classic. I have a list in a note on my iPhone with everything we didn’t get the chance to do the first time around.

– Beware of the Instagram!!! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of this, but don’t expect Paris to look like it does on Instagram. Well, it does, if you go in with the right attitude and stars in your eyes. This is a super touristy city, so expect to see tourists. And tour buses. And selfie sticks. Lots and lots of selfie sticks. There is a lot of beauty in Paris and I, at least, had no problem tuning it all out and only seeing the good. (I think the sheer number of tour buses was what got me the most!)

– Cross check opening times and days of museums, stores, and restaurants. As I built out the schedule for my Paris itinerary, I referenced Google, the place’s website, and websites like Yelp/Trip Advisor to find out what was open when, what days it was closed, and when people found it to be the busiest. Especially if you’re only there for a few days, you won’t want to miss something because you didn’t realize it was closed on the one day it works for you.

– Buy a Paris PassThis was recommended to me by so many readers and friends. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s truly one of the best things to do in Paris to make the most of your time. We had five days in Paris, and I knew what we’d be doing the first day, so the four-day pass made the most sense for us. It feels like a hefty price tag, but it was so worth it for us. Maybe not right down to the dollar (although if you take FULL advantage of everything it has to offer it would), but it saved us a ton of time which was valuable. It comes with access to pretty much all the museums, and you get to skip the lines. For example, I heard horror stories about the line for the Louvre, and we walked right in with absolutely zero minutes of waiting. It also has an unlimited pass for the Metro which we used multiple times a day.

– Use Uber and the Metro. The metro was amazing and easy to ride. I was a little apprehensive about it since it’s in a foreign country in a foreign language, but it’s easy to spot the entrances, and the stops are very clearly labeled. It runs just like the subway in NYC, but I found it to be a lot more pleasant. I also liked taking Ubers now and then. As opposed to being underground with the metro, I was able to take in even more sights in an Uber. And every driver we had was super nice and friendly. Not everyone spoke perfect English, but they all tried. (My favorite one who drove me to the airport wanted to practice his English with me which was fun.)

– Learn a few French phrases. In addition to the pickpockets, a lot of people had warned me that the French would be rude. I experienced only one rude person, and I was actually with my French friend at the time, and she snapped right back. (I kept my mouth shut and let them go at it, ha.) Everyone else was above and beyond nice, frankly. I feel like as long as you acknowledge the fact that you’re a tourist and give a good smile with an effort to say a few French phrases, you’re golden. One “bonjour” goes a long way! If you want to learn some basic sentences, I can’t recommend Duolingo enough.

– Pick two big things + one medium thing per day and keep a running list of “bonus” things. I think you can fit a LOT into one day in Paris. If you do too much though, you’ll run yourself so tired that you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of your time. I found that a good “pace” for touring was to plan two big things for the day (like visiting a museum) and then one medium thing (like swinging by an attraction). I’d fill in the rest of the time with a few smaller, bonus-y items (like visiting a cute shop or trying a coffee shop).

– Take a tour. The best thing we had on our Paris itinerary was to take a bike tour of the city. It was as touristy as it gets, but it was a great way to get the lay of the land. We did a night tour with Fat Tire Tours, and it also served as a great way to keep us up late so we could get on the right sleep schedule. (It does include a boat tour which was my least favorite part of the trip hands down, but the actual biking part was great.)

– Download Google Translate. I didn’t find this 100% necessary, but it was nice to have, especially when menus seemed very confusing. You can take a photo of words (even the entire menu) and use your finger to select words and Google will translate it. Such a game changer. Carter and I also found Googling the words, again with the menu items I must be hungry, and looking at the photos before deciding if it was something we’d want to eat or not.

– Don’t listen to everyone. This is going to be the hardest tip to follow. Everyone is going to give you amazing advice about what to do in Paris. (Including me!!!) Don’t listen to everyone. I found it almost too overwhelming to get (specific) recommendations from so many people. I think every corner of the city was noted as someone’s favorite at some point. The BEST part about going to Paris is that you are going to carve out your favorites and stumble on your special corners… so don’t worry too much about trying to follow everyone’s recommendations.

[Omg this is so long already, are you still with me?!]

Hotel: Hotel Providence (I did a longer review on why I loved it so much in this post.)

Eiffel Tower at night is one of the best things to do in Paris


I took an overnight flight, leaving JFK at about 6:30 pm and landing at around 7:30 am local time the next day in Paris. I took an Uber to the hotel to drop off my bags. I walked around a little bit, got a cookie (from Lily of the Valley, so good), and ultimately sat down at a cafe and just had a coffee.

Carter arrived a few hours after me, and we dropped her bags off… and then just decided to wander around. It was a bank holiday and very hot, so we grabbed lunch at the first open place we found. I don’t know what it was about the plane ride, but all I wanted was a hamburger. (I know, I know, so American.) We grabbed burgers at H.A.N.D. Then we wandered over to the Palais Royal for coffees from Café Kitsuné. It was a tiny bit overrated, and an even tinier spot… Not one of the best things to do in Paris, but the cups were cute 😉

We were booked for a bike tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours at 6:15. I thought it was a four-hour thing, but it ended up being over five. Thank goodness we grabbed sandwiches at a tiny little cafe right by the meeting spot beforehand. (Parisian sandwiches on fresh baguette bread cannot be beaten.) The bike tour did stop for ice cream at Berthillon, which lived up to its hype. Maxie made me promise her that I would get a salted caramel scoop just for her and it was delicious!!!

The bike tour was as touristy as it gets but such a worthy addition of what to do in Paris. We had a little technical difficulty getting started because someone’s bike broke. Once we got going though, I loved it. It was a great way to get around the city much quicker than walking and the tour guide gave us a great rundown of the history behind all of our stops. We saw all the big things, including the Eiffel Tower’s light show!

After the bike tour, we were a) feeling the time difference and b) famished. One restaurant on our hotel’s block was open, and we popped in for giant plates of homemade pasta.

Daphne Moreau of Daphne Mode and the City


We got up at a relatively good time (surprisingly) but opted to order croissants and espresso to the room. This turned into a delicious habit every morning. They were so good and always the first thing we thought of when we woke up.

We did some more walking and wandering, which I think is the absolute way to get to know Paris. We ended up at Ladurée where we just had to stop for macarons and a little bit of window shopping.

My friend Daphné lives in Paris and we got together for lunch. I love her so much and think she’s like my French twin. We had a very French lunch at Le Pantruche followed by a short walk to Montmartre. Daphné was great at sharing what to do in Paris and was showing us the cutest streets along the way. We hiked up to Sacré-Cœur, grabbed gelato to cool off, saw the insta-famous La Maison Rose, and swung by the “I Love You Wall.”

After we sadly sad goodbye to Daphné, Carter and I made our way down to Jardin du Luxembourg. It’s so pretty– and expansive– in person. You could spend a full day there just relaxing, to be honest. I loved that the locals were playing tennis, kids were walking home from school, and babies were playing in the grass. We had a delicious steak frites at Moustache.

What to do in Paris including Monet Water Lillies at Musée de l'OrangerieWHAT TO DO IN PARIS: DAY THREE | SATURDAY

First on our list for Saturday of what to do in Paris was to go to the Musée de l’Orangerie. This is a pretty small museum, but it’s 100% worth visiting. They have two rooms set up with a series of Monet’s Water Lillies. I have no words for how stunning these rooms are. The paintings brought tears to my eyes honestly.

Our hotel had a book called The New Paris, and we took notes on the recommendations. We went to one of the restaurants in it called Le 52. This was one of my absolute favorite meals of the trip! Sooooo delicious.

After lunch we went shopping at Sézane. This store was at the very top of my list of places where I wanted to go. It’s kind of like a French Madewell. I think because it was a Saturday, it was insanely crowded and I only got a couple of little things for my mom and sister. I didn’t want to bother trying anything on.

It was SO hot that we went back to the hotel to freshen up. Swung by a restaurant near the hotel for a quick meal… and then went to my favorite part of the whole trip. We climbed to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. It was the most fantastic view of the city. I could have stayed up there for the full five days of the trip! You must add it to your list of what to do in Paris. The reviews online made it seem like it’d be a treacherous climb, but it was ridiculously easy. I thought it was going to take an hour based on the reviews, but we were up in under 10 minutes. Try to time it for sunset if you can!! Everything starts to glow!

What to Do in Paris including Apollo Gallery


We woke up “early” on Sunday and went straight back to the Palais Royal to take photos before it got too crowded and then grabbed breakfast right around the corner at Le Nemours. (Carter got the Croque Madame, and I was so jealous that I didn’t order it!)

Then we did the Louvre. A lot of people said to skip it, but I honestly loved it and consider it one of the best things to do in Paris. Seeing the Mona Lisa is an experience. The people watching is insane. If you do go to the Louvre, I highly recommend going to the Apollo Gallery. It’s STUNNING and blew me away. We did a little bit of exploring but opted not to spend too much time there.

After quick ham and cheese sandwiches (I want one right now), we made our way to Musée d’Orsay. I loved this museum and there’s so much to see. Degas, Monet, Van Gogh, etc.

Our next stop was the Eiffel Tower for a picnic from Paris Picnic. Now, I loved seeing the Eiffel tower popping up from a distance, but seeing it up close during the day was incredible as well. It was much smaller than I imagined it would be but much more intricate looking. We were worried about the picnic because it was over 90 degrees, but we found a shady spot in a quiet park and enjoyed the view. (And the cheese.)

Because this was such a “big” day on our Paris itinierary, we opted for dinner at our hotel. It was in the top three of my favorite meals! Highly recommend going to the restaurant in Hotel Providence even if you don’t end up staying there.

Rue Crémieux of Colorful Houses Paris


At the recommendation of friends, readers, books, and the hotel, we went to breakfast at Holybelly. It’s an Australian-run restaurant and ridiculously delicious. I got the savory pancakes. You have to add it to your list of what to do in Paris. The line moved quickly for us, and I think they’ve opened up a bigger location down the street since we went.

After breakfast, we decided to go to two spots that we had seen on Instagram. Both were overrated and not worth it in the end. However, it was kind of fun to get on the metro and explore new neighborhoods that we otherwise wouldn’t have explored. The first spot was the Coulée verte René-Dumont which is like the High Line in NYC and the second was Rue Crémieux, a block of colorful houses. I’m glad we went to both, but I wouldn’t go again or put it on your short list of what to do in Paris. We did go to East Mama for delicious pizzas and popped into Monoprix down the block.

We went down to the Hermes near Champs Elysees because it was the only location that had the color bangle I wanted. It was the perfect souvenir.

Then we went back to Jardin du Luxembourg because we loved it so much! It’s a necessity for your Paris itinerary. We spent some time just sitting and relaxing… and enjoying Nutella crepes!

At the recommendation of Daphné, we went to Bouillon Chartier for dinner. It was my number one favorite meal of the trip and one of the BEST things to do in Paris. First, it’s such an experience. It’s one of the oldest restaurants in Paris and has huge vaulted ceilings. The whole place has a great vibe. I had escargot (so good) and steak frites again followed by a cream puff ice cream dessert! It was the perfect way to end the whole trip!

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Are any of the restaurants you mentioned traditional french cuisine? I’m going at some point next year and would love some recommendations.


Bouillon Chartier, the restaurant at the Hotel Providence, Le 52 (it’s a “new take” on French traditions), Le Pantruche

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I love the piece of advice about picking two big things, one medium thing, and a running list of bonus things. I was on a two week trip with some friends two weeks ago. We popped by three cities, and for each day we only really planned two big things, which meant we always had a lot of time left to kill in the day. We spent more time at cafes and malls than I would have liked! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I just got back from 3 days (too short!) in Paris on Sunday and by about hour 2 I was plotting when I could return to the city again! I would recommend travelers learn how to say “I’m sorry, I don’t understand French, do you speak English?” in French. Also, say Bonjour (good day) or Bonsoir (good evening) whenever you walk into a business. My favorite meal was the duck confit at La Jacobine in the St. Germain area.


For your trip, how did you handle your cell phone plan? Did you switch to international and how did you find it? I’m always concerned that the cost will be really high if I use my phone abroad without it, but as I remember, it’s also a bit of a cost upfront and it doesn’t seem like you get that much data! I’d love to know what work for you.


Good question- I have Verizon with TravelPass so it’s $10/day to use my phone’s data as normal. Totally worth it in my opinion! I think most carriers have adopted more reasonable international plans in the past few years!


I had this question as well for my trip! My phone is unlocked (purchased directly from the Apple Store so I bought a SIM card in Paris. 6gb of data and unlimited international phone calls for 22 Euro!


I’m going to Paris in July and loved this whole post!! Did you have to make reservations for dinners or was it pretty easy to pick a spot and just sit down?


We didn’t make a single reservation! Our plans were pretty fluid throughout the trip and I didn’t want to have to commit to specific times.
(Actually we did have a reservation for the Paris Picnic, but we ended up changing the time of it last minute.)


I lived in Paris for a bit and you just totally made me home away from home sick! Happy to hear you had a great time and that Paris was all you hoped for a more.

Alanna | @towerhousemag


Great Timing! I am leaving tomorrow evening for Paris with my boss to see the end of the French Open. Thank you for mentioning how to register with the State Department. I have been a flight attendant for 12 years and I cannot tell you what great advice that is.

Samantha Rich

I haven’t been to Paris in 10 years but this post makes me want to start planning a trip! Thanks for sharing your tips and experience. Xoxo

Kelly in the City

I cannot with these photos! STUNNING. I’m so happy for you! Looks like you had the most amazing time. Carly + Emma take Paris 2018… 😉

yancey williams

I really enjoyed this. It was a joy to “see” Paris from another’s perspective. I agree that the Louvre is a must see! Btw: your photographer is a gem, truly amazing!
Thank you so much for sharing your Paris experience with us all.


Love this travel recap! So thorough and full of useful information! It makes me want to go back to Paris so bad!


Diana Pearl

I so agree re: you can’t fit in everything. I’ve been four times now, once for a whole week, and I still feel like there’s so many more corners to explore. It truly is a magical city, though I agree it’s a little less magical when you see all the tourists and selfie sticks everywhere! The best part for me is sitting outside somewhere with a glass of wine and a view of beautiful streets. Just lovely!!!

Devon Hembury

I’ve been to Paris twice now and I loved loved loved this post! I always love hearing about other people’s experiences there– sounds like you had SUCH an amazing time. It truly is amazing! And the ham and cheese sandwiches are literally the. best. things. ever. Now I want one so badly!! xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

Bridget Sciscento

Hi Carly! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Paris so much! You look amazing in all your pictures, and I think your outfits were perfect for being a tourist (albeit a very fashionable one in my opinion). I really loved all of the detail in this post. I know it was long, but I would rather read a long post with descriptions and voice than just “I had a great time, Paris is so great, here are a million pictures.” I can’t wait to travel to Paris myself someday!


Your trip sounds so amazing! I can’t wait to get back to Paris someday!


This was so extremely helpful! My husband and I are headed to Paris for the first time in July! He has never been out of the country.

We were going to last year but kept putting it off because of all the scary stuff going on. Reading that you were scared of it too really made me feel like I wasn’t crazy to have such travel anxiety and reading how safe you felt made me feel better!

Thank you for taking the time to write out what you did!!! So helpful!



Reading through this post had me fondly reminiscing my first trip to Paris. Once you love it- you know you’ll be back.

On another note, my hope is that the world will be safe enough to soon bring my young family with me so they can enjoy, worry-free!


This trip looks amazing! I am looking to head to Paris soon and was wondering if you had to change any plans due to high volume of tourists, long waits, etc. I want to see all the typical Parisian sites, but with a limited time limit, are there any sites to avoid?
Thank you!

Jade Baumgarten

Thanks for posting this Carly! I am going to Paris (and a few other cities in France) for my honeymoon next month and am so excited! I enjoyed your honest opinions on where to go/eat and I’m sure we’ll end up at a few places on this list!


Now I miss you even more ! LOVED that post Carly ! (and thank you for making me sound so heroic with that rude french lady story haha!)

Jade Baumgarten

Thanks for posting this Carly! I am traveling to Paris (and a few other cities in France) for my honeymoon next month and am so excited. I like that you are honest about your recommendations of what to do/eat. I’m sure that we will end up at many of the places on this list!

Jamie Douglass

Hello Carly, I have been a huge fan and reader for years. I was so excited to see that you went to Paris and had such a wonderful time. Can you give details about your flight experience for a post?


I am going to Paris in a month, and I can’t wait! Thanks for all of these amazing tips!

Much love,
Ashley |

Stephanie Roy

I have been loving your Paris posts because I am going for the first time next month! It’s feels like a preview of my trip. Thanks for such a comprehensive and informative post.


Thank you for sharing your travel guide here ! It is really interesting, your picture at the Musée de l’Orangerie is beautiful, I’m pretty sure I will visit it during my next trip ! This trip is really classic, so it is perfect for a first time. I hope you will inspire a lot of people to go to France !


Wow Carly you look SO good in all of those photos!! Your trip seriously sounds amazing, and I love all of your tips. I hope to make it to Paris soon and will definitely take all your advice into consideration!

Xo, Kate //


Your tip about planning 2 big things and 1 medium thing a day is SPOT ON! It’s perfect for every destination, it keeps you seeing a lot but not too exhausted! Thanks for the post! Loved following your vacation on insta-stories!


I recently visited Paris for the day – definitely not long enough!! I must go back and do some of these wonderful looking things xo


Oh my! what a great blog!!! planning a trip to Paris next end of April beginning of May just reading your blog you mentioned how it was so hot and it was 90° just wondering Were you there in the month of May I was told it was cold in may .. I appreciate all your blogs and videos on Instagram thank you so much please let me know about the weather and how I should dress I just read your blog on shoes and that was just terrific thanks again looking forward to hearing from you …

Elizabeth W

I love this post!! I cannot believe you’ve never been to Paris; aren’t you just so in love with it now and already planning your next trip? I love all the photos and the tips in this post. Enjoyed the play-by-play on your days – it feels like I’m right there with you.

What color clic clac did you get?

Thank you!!

Md.Sahabaz Biswas

This article was really amazing. It was like a normal conversation with a friend who went to Paris. And the way you write is quite motivating in my view. I like it