6 20-Minute Meals to Make for Dinner

One quick thing about this post right off the bat: don’t read it while you’re hungry (like I just did). All of these recipes from Louisa look delicious, as always, but I think that the two pasta dishes look especially great. I’m always inclined to think that quick meals are likely to just be simple and boring. These seem to have a ton of flavor!


6 20-Minute Meals to Make for Dinner

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

In the summer, the amount of time I spend cooking goes down drastically. I love to be outside during this time of year—doesn’t everyone? While I tend to whip up a quick salad more often than not (I shared my favorite salad recipes a couple of weeks ago), there are times when I need something a little more substantial (or, I just get bored of salads).

Here are seven of my favorite quick recipes that are ready in 20-minutes or less—I promise!

1. Chicken lettuce wraps

Ready in under 20-minutes but loaded with flavor! Plus, these lettuce wraps are super healthy (I developed this recipe when I was on a healthy cleanse). I also find that lettuce wraps are a really great lighter option for burgers in the summer.

2. Pasta with shrimp and basil

This recipe is one of my all-time favorites and it’s the perfect way to use fresh basil in the summer!

3. Pasta with cherry tomatoes and garlic

I spent a couple of weeks in Italy last summer and this recipe was inspired by the simple flavors found in their dishes. This recipe starts with a simple garlic oil with slow-cooked cherry tomatoes. It is such a delicious and summery pasta!

4. Shrimp with spicy garlic sauce

Are you sensing a bit of a theme? Shrimp is such a quick cooking ingredient that I always try to have a package in the freezer for quick last-minute dinners!

5. Asparagus and white bean pesto pasta

Clearly, pasta is one of my go-to dishes for busy nights! Grab a jar of pesto and a few favorite summery ingredients (asparagus, anyone?) and you are all set.

6. Quick quesadillas

I’m not sure there is anything easier than a quick quesadilla for dinner. I always keep wraps in my freezer so I can whip up a quick quesadilla after a crazy day at work.

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These all sound so good! Another variation on number 3: skip the lemon, and add capers and anchovies when you’re sauteeing the tomatoes! (I promise, the anchovies cook out, and it is my FAVORITE easy-but-seems-more-complicated dish!)