My Makeup Routine with Nordstrom

I can still remember the day my mom took me to the Bobbi Brown makeup counter at Nordstrom to get a few little things for high school. It felt like a huge deal to fourteen-year-old Carly. I’d always gone to Nordstrom to get my makeup done for dances, but to walk away with makeup besides matching lipstick and lipgloss felt like a dream come true.

Nordstrom remains one my favorite places to shop for makeup. I always like to poke around when I’m in the store, but I also do all my online reorders of my go-to’s when I run out.

Honestly, my makeup routine hardly changes. Occasionally I’ll find a new product that I absolutely love, but for the most part, I stick with the things I know I really love. I never take more than five minutes on my makeup either– the quicker, the better!

Here’s my current routine:

College Prepster Makeup

Kate Spade Cosmetic Cases

College Prepster Makeup Routine


Urban Decay

I use a bit of foundation and a spot concealer to start. I’m SUPER picky about foundation, and this one (shade 1.0) has been a go-to of mine, especially as we start getting into warmer months. It’s so light when it’s on the skin but still gives great coverage. It also has over one thousand reviews and a nearly five-star rating. So you don’t have to take my word for it– this stuff is great!

For my spot concealer, I use the same brand (fair-neutral). I use this quite sparingly, just on spots and a few dabs under my eyes.

Urban Decay Foundation

Urban Decay Spot Concealer

Bobbi Brown Bronzer

I go pretty heavy on the bronzer (stonestreet) on photo-shoot days, but light on regular days. It’s the perfect way to “contour” without committing to some crazy and complicated routine. Just adds a nice dimension to my face.

I follow the bronzer by a quick pop of color on my cheeks with this Dior blush. My friend gave this to me as a gift years ago, and I’ve been a full-blown convert ever since. The blush has some kind of miracle stuff in it and seems to adjust perfectly to my skin.

Dior Blush

Nordstrom Beauty Bobbi Brown Eyebrow

The one thing I never leave home without doing: my eyebrows!!! I’m addicted to filling them in. In these photos, I’m using this brow shaper, but I’ve also been loving this pencil.

Bobbi Brown Eyeliner

Next up eyeliner. I switch up my eyeliner the most frequently I think. Right now I’ve been using this one. It goes on smoothly, and you can press harder for a thicker line or do a lighter touch for a thinner line.

MascaraWhen I’m trying to make my lashes look great, I layer two mascaras. I start with Lash Domination by BareMinerals (and stop here if I want a more casual look) and then top it off with Elizabeth Arden’s Lasting Impression.

Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil

Finally, I have a too many lip colors to choose from, but for a bolder “natural” look, this lip pencil in Rose Brown does the trick.

Carly Heitlinger

After! Nice and easy.

Photo and Video by Carter Fish

Pajamas // Kate Spade Cosmetic Cases

Urban Decay Foundation (shade 1.0) // Urban Decay Spot Concealer (light-neutral)

Bobbi Brown Bronzer (stonestreet) // Dior Blush

Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper (mahogany) // Bobbi Brown Eyeliner (mahogany)

Lash Domination Mascara // Lasting Impression

Bobbi Brown Rose Brown Lip Color

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

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Thanks for these recommendations. It’s rare to find a fellow fair skinned blogger, so I feel like I can actually use these!


I was actually thinking the other day about how I would love to know what makeup you use! The completed look is so pretty. I’m definitely going to go pick up some of those products later!


Your suggestions are great! As a fellow pale girl, I always look for good bronzers but end up looking cakey and the shade ends up being very off. I will definitely look into the bronzer you recommended!

Ane | Basque Prep

Susan Lee

Carly, when during your routine do you apply daily sunscreen? Is that the first layer? What do you use for daily facialsunscreen? I find that some lotions and make up don’t like each other and end up flaking/balling off. Did you mention it and I just didn’t notice?


I don’t live near a Nordstrom, how can I figure out which Naked Skin color/shade to choose? There are so many choices it’s intimidating trying to choose…I am Korean and have fair/light skin. Is there an app or something you recommend?


Do you use your fingers to apply the foundation? Or a brush?

Great post!