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On Instagram a few weeks ago, I asked for people to leave questions they had for me in the comments. I received so many good ones that I had to break it up. I filmed a video (the dogs were going crazy, and my hair was a mess, but done is better than perfect, right?) answering some of them and thought I’d whip together a post answering more.

Q&A College Prepster

Photo by Carter Fish

What five things do you always leave your home with?

Chapstick, an iPhone charger, a sweater or sweatshirt, sunglasses, and a bottle of water!

Would you ever consider moving back to NY? Florida?

While I would never say never, if I did move back, it would only be for a job and/or if I could afford to live very comfortably in the city. Once I moved out and had access to a car, I just can’t imagine living in a super urban lifestyle again. I talked more about why I moved out of the city in this post, but the bottom line is that it never really felt like “real life.”

I just wrote a post about whether or not I’d move back to Florida and the answer there is yes, but the timing would have to be right.

Any tips for job hunting?

Tell EVERYONE you know that you’re looking for a job. The best way to get a job is when your resume is personally handed (or emailed) to someone. If you’re applying online, many times your resume ends up in resume purgatory. Make sure you’re tapping extensively into your networks– high school, college, old teammates, your parents’ friends.

I would also make sure that when you’re applying for the job, your cover letter is (of course) written specifically for that position, but also don’t forget to tailor and tweak your resume too. Keep in mind that the small details of your resume are initially what’s going to stand out– in a good or bad way– so make sure the formatting is spot on, there are no errors, it fits into one page, etc.

My friend Jaime has a company called The Prepary, which is also a great resource for job hunting.

How do you stop being an introvert and becoming more open around other people?

So I don’t think you can ever stop being an introvert, but you can work on ways where you’re more comfortable around other people. For me, I know that being around other people is extremely draining, so when I know I’m going to be going to an event, I make sure to schedule quiet alone time both before and after the event. It’s a good way to get my energy up and then recover.

I also try to not focus on the fact that the room is FILLED with people and instead, I seek out two or three people I know, or I can introduce myself to. I go into every social situation (and I mean every) social situation with three “back pocket” topics to talk about. These are things that I know I can talk to about at length and that I can refer to if I sense an awkward lull in the conversation.

Start small and come up with little tests and benchmarks which you can build your way up to over time.

How do you hang your hats on the wall?

I literally just hammered in nails and then rest the hat on the nail!

Out of all your vacations do you have one that is your absolute favorite?

I’m not sure that anything will ever beat Alaska. I had ZERO idea what it would be like, and I did fall in love with the state. The landscape seems unearthly at times and it’s hard to imagine that you’re still technically in the United States of America. It’s beautiful.

I’m looking for a better iron and/or steamer. Do you have any suggestions?

This is my favorite steamer. The tank of water doesn’t fit too much, but it’s just enough to steam one garment, and it travels so nicely.

Who are your favorites to watch on YouTube?

Casey Neistat, Monica Church, and I’m oddly addicted to watching this family channel called Bratayley. (I’m fascinated by it.)

Favorite novels?

My favorite book right now is Boys in the Boat; I highly recommend everyone read it!!!

When you travel is there one thing you try to experience in every city?

I try to walk around as much as possible to orient myself with the city. I’m also a stickler for familiarizing myself with a map beforehand, and I constantly refer to Google Maps so that I can build a mental picture of the city up in my head. On the first day or two, I let myself take Ubers/cabs around, but instead of tuning out in the backseat, I’ll use it as a mini tour, again referring to Google Maps. I hate leaving a new place and feeling like I couldn’t navigate it if I went back for a second visit.

PS I had a lot of questions about blogging, and I’ve answered almost all of them before in this big blogging advice post!

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Cathy M.

I loved The Boys in the Boat! I was in crew in college, and – on top of it being a great IRL story – the parts of the book when they’re on the water and racing are done so well, you can almost feel the pull of the boat. Loved, loved, loved it!
There’s also a documentary that was done on the ’36 crew team – it’s worth a watch if you enjoyed the book. 🙂
Have a great weekend!


Maybe you could change the blog to ‘Carly A. Heitlinger’ and have ‘The College Prepster’ as a subtitle. I think most people know you more as Carly at this point but then you can still be associated with TCP?

Melissa VanOverloop

I really miss your “organize please”posts, any chance of a comeback?

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I’m amazed that you changed out of one fancy outfit into a nice top haha. When I change out of fancy outfits, I change into a random t-shirt, and maybe pants… Also how cute is it that you have both a dress and a top (or a different dress?) in the same print! // I agree with what you said about TCP being a brand you created and thus sticking with it and keeping it recognisable. Also I feel like a lot of your audience are college students or high school students planning to go to college or young adults fresh out of college, so I think the “college” part of TCP is still relevant. Maybe later on in life you’ll feel more removed from that identity, but you can always make that decision then 🙂 // I just read Emily’s comment and I think the suggestion of self-titling your blog is an option as well. I know a few bloggers who have made that switch! I feel like your presence is large enough that a self-titled blog would still have wide recognition. But as the point of this is that the name TCP no longer feels as relevant to you, maybe it doesn’t need to be included in your subtitle (because that would be two brands, and maybe not as clear, or in other words, you’re trying to rebrand but you’re still holding onto the old brand, which doesn’t make the rebrand as impactful), but you could include TCP in a line on your About page or something // For my hats, I put a command hook on the wall, hang a binder clip from it, and then clip on the brim of my hat. The apartment I’m currently living in is temporary (only for college), so this is the best option for me! Good thing stationary is so cute these days and I can find some aesthetic binder clips haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Loved watching your video, Carly! It’s always fun learning more about you. I know you have a lot to consider for changing your blog’s name or not, but my advice is to make your decision based on your dreams rather than your fears. Like you mentioned about working with target or pottery barn or writing a book–any of those things could happen! So I say keep the name, at least in a subtitle, if it supports other dreams like that too.