Accent Wall | #ProjectApartment Update

Remember #ProjectApartment? It’s still coming along. Way slower than I originally anticipated, but we’re getting somewhere. I officially renewed my lease last month so I knew that I wanted to do a couple more “permanent” things.

In college, I felt like I was constantly moving. Moving into dorms, out of dorms, into temporary dorms (for summer crew training), into houses, out of houses, overseas (for Henley training), back home, back to a dorm, and it went on and on. I never felt like I had a home; it was a constant sense of being in limbo. I guess because I’ve still had that feeling, it was weird to realize that I would be located at the same address for two whole years. What. That hasn’t happened since I lived at home in high school!
Of course, my apartment in the city is a rental (I filmed a “tour” of my apartment for Youtube!), but it’s definitely feeling like a real home. I recently had wallpaper put up in my bedroom and I just love it. The story of the wallpaper is crazy. I bought it from Anthropologie in the middle of the summer. But I had entered the wrong shipping address; in my defense, it was kind of close to my UPS box number… Even worse? Anthropologie called me three times to confirm the address and I kept insisting they had the right one. UGH. Yep.
Fast forward two months (and about fifteen emails back-and-forth with customer service) and the wallpaper magically appeared at my real address.
Was it worth it? Absolutely!
I picked out my monogrammed bedding the summer before I moved to NYC. I love the crisp white duvet, but it didn’t really “pop” against white walls. Now it’s clean and cute with the wallpaper behind it.
The wallpaper is so bright and really makes my room feel 10x bigger.

My little “Live Colorfully” pillow from Kate Spade… definitely a good motto, especially with the colorful wallpaper! The little pink puff was purchased on Rue La La.

I was a little worried about how my clear lamps would look in front of the wallpaper, but I kind of love it. They were purchased on Rue La La too.
Shop more of my room below:

Have you wallpapered an accent wall before?

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Jackie {York Avenue}

Wow, that looks amazing! What an impact. I love florals and a floral accent wall is a fantastic idea. Anthro is the best! I didn't even know they made wallpaper. And I do love the clear lamp in front of it.


That wallpaper is gorgeous! I had no clue Anthropologie had wallpaper; they do everything is beautifully so it makes sense :). I love how your room looks! Have you thought about painting the walls a really, really light shade of blue, like almost a whitish blue shade? I'm really into decorating and colors; I was thinking it might pick up the underlying blue tones in the wallpaper and really make your room pop and feel airy.



I love your wallpaper. I remember when I was eyeing that wallpaper but at the end decided to go with painting my room a soft pink. It was much easier on me I had a really thight schedule. I am aa firm believer in the power of color and how this probably makes you feel happier when you wake up ! Im glad you are doing better Carly keep the good vibes going!


Gorgeous!!! It makes such a difference in your bedroom! How did you attach the wallpaper? I assume that in a rental you didn't glue it.

And I can totally relate to the feeling of being permanent after all the moving in college (Boston to Charleston to London and back and forth was rough). I'm just starting my third year in the same apartment (!!!) and it's so nice to feel so settled. The roommates have changed, but I'm lucky to love the space and be able to stay 🙂

Kimberly Topolewski

That's so cute! Did you have to get approval from your landlord before you put it up? Or did you just put it up and then you'll take it down when you move?

I've been wanting to install curtain rods/curtains in my place but I have two kitties with claws, and they'd just jump on them/tear them apart!

carelessly graceful

Katie McC

How adorable! Who said wall paper was out of style? That's the prettiest backdrop wall for a bed. I've had the same dilemma with moving around all over in college. Dorm, apartment, home for summer, back to school in a new apartment. My room was a mess once I moved back home after I graduated. It's almost finished now but I need something above my headboard- I just haven't quite figured out what yet. But once that is complete, I will finally have a fully decorated room since living home in highschool. I can't wait to see your finished #projectappt. =)


it looks amazing! totally worth the wait and hassle. is it removable? i am looking at a different wallpaper from anthro for my next place. hopefully i will be able to live alone for the next one. renting just a room is hard!