Things to Check Out

ONE // Inslee, Society Social, & Loren Hope

Last night, I attended the September Social hosted by Inslee and Roxy from Society Social. After cranking through emails and blog posts, it was so nice to be able to get out of the apartment for a fun party. I love love love Inslee and think she is the absolute sweetest so it’s always great to see her. Roxy and her now share an office space and I’ve been dying to meet Roxy! It was amazing to finally get to meet her. (Oh, and I’m lusting over her bar carts!)
I’ve also been dying to meet Loren Hope and finally met her and her husband. They are so nice and we chatted for a bit. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Have you seen the latest Loren Hope lookbook? It’s amazing! 
TWO // Nanette Lepore’s Under-30 Team

My friend Nicole works at Nanette Lepore and she shared a link to this video. It’s colorful and inspiring. I love to see brands embracing Gen Y’s talents. How cool is her under-30 team? Everyone seems like rockstars.

THREE // 11 Unlikely Life Lessons from the Super Successful

I rarely read Thought Catalog. Well, I take that back. I read things from time to time when my friends post about it on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook, but it’s generally not my thing. However, this article is pretty good! Definitely worth a quick read.
FOUR // Honey Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I think Katie, the brains behind Dashing Dish, and I would be friends. Really great friends. Can we talk about how incredible these honey parmesan roasted brussels sprouts sound?
FIVE // Coffitivity

Coffitivity is brilliant. I remember coming across the link a few months ago and it’s seriously already improved SO much. It has absolutely come in handy now that I’m working from home. It’s amazing! Basically, it’s a website (but now there are apps too!) that takes sound recordings of popular coffee shops and cafes. Um, brilliant. Now you can get that coffeehouse feel without leaving your apartment. The best kind of “white noise” out there. 
Have anything else to add to this week’s link roundup?

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I read Thought Catalog on the daily & that was one of my all-time favorite articles!! I even forwarded the link to a few of my friends. & that photo with the bar cart makes me want to go out & buy a bar cart — thanks a lot!

xo, B

Jennifer S.

Those brussel sprouts do sound amazing! I'm not really into the coffee shop vibe, but I have a friend who is and is about to have a baby and be stuck at home a lot, so I sent her the link. She's going to love it!


Nena Farrell

Need to check out Coffitivity! Perfect for all the time I spend working online and wish that I could spend in a coffee shop! And I'm dreaming of having a bar cart.


Amber Lee Rosenzweig

coffivity is such a great idea! i spend a lot of time studying in my apartment and this is the perfect solution when i can't make it out or the weather is terrible or whatever. thanks for the tip!