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I recently partnered with Apartment Guide and this could NOT have come at a better time!!! As part of the partnership, I will be posting twice. This first post is all about ways to make a small space seem big. These tips will really work if you’re living in a dorm (I endured three long years of dorm life) or if you’re living in a small apartment (hello, me in NYC right now).
[Side note: I can’t wait to share pictures of my apartment with you… but it’s still in “getting ready” mode right now. I have heard from a bunch of people asking for advice about finding an apartment in NYC, shoot me an email (carly [at] thecollegeprepster [dot] com) if you want the name/email of the AMAZING broker I used!!!]
Whether you’re living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide offers tips on how to decorate your apartment and make the most of your space on the Apartment Guide blog. Here is a post with AG’s suggestions on five essentials you will need in an apartment. 
I’m going to add onto that list with these essentials:
Over the Door Mirror | Mirrors create an instant illusion of a larger space. If you don’t have the space on the wall, using an “over the door” mirror is a super easy solution. Seriously, you just hang the mirror right over the door. Quickly you will have a seemingly bigger space and a great place to check out your outfit before leaving!
Drawer Organizers | Instead of shoving everything into one drawer, use an organizer to create separate nooks. Try to find organizers that allow you to adjust the spacing. You can use it for jewelry, socks, and even school supplies in a desk.
Big Bins | Bins are the best storage solution. If you have things you need in your room, but don’t use on a regular basis these are perfect. Toss everything into the bin and hide away on a top shelf. These are ideal for seasonal clothing!
Slim Hangers | Closet space is a HUGE deal. Swapping out bulky plastic or wood hangers for these slim ones will help maximize your closet space. I like them also because they’re made of a material that prevents clothes from slipping off (like skinny straps on dresses).
Stackable Drawers | Most dorms don’t have the most drawer space, and most apartments don’t have the space for drawers. These stackable drawers can be placed in closets or in tiny unused corners of rooms. They’re great for storing workout clothes, t-shirts, and pajamas!
Hanging Shelves | Even though closet space is hard to come by, it’s worth sacrificing a foot of the rack to hang these shelves on. I used to store sweaters and heavy jeans in mine. Great for keeping sweaters organized and right in clear view.
Underbed Storage | These under bed storage boxes keeps seasonal clothing out of the way, but also fresh. They zip up securely and slide right underneath the bed. Don’t let that extra floorspace go to waste!!!
Bed Risers | If you’re only going to get one thing off this list… make it these bed risers!!! They will add so much space under your bed. They’re SUPER sturdy and make beds look more visually appealing (being higher up) and gives you extra space to work with. I used these in all my dorm rooms and thought they were amazing!
Shoe Racks | I tried really hard to minimize the number of shoes I brought with me to NYC… but it was really difficult! Every pair seemed equally important to me. So I brought them all. I am currently using a  shoe rack in one of my closets. It expands to the exact width of the closet, so I know I’m getting every possible square inch of space out of it.
Foldable Step Stool | Lack of space meant I had to go vertical. This was good because I could find space for everything, but this was bad because I have a hard time getting to the stuff. My foldable step stool is PERFECT!!! I store it (flat) under the sink and then pull it out when I’m cooking in the kitchen. The foldable aspect is brilliant, and I didn’t have to carve out a space to actually store it.
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How do you make a small space seem bigger?
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