Last Week of White

I don’t really wear white after Labor Day. It’s easier to get away with it in Florida because, well, it’s Florida; it’s chilly for approximately two weeks during the winter. I may wear white during the spring if it’s particularly warm, but for the most part I keep my white pants and white dresses and white shoes stored away after the first Monday of September.
Labor Day is officially one week away, and I plan on squeezing a few more wears out of my favorite white clothes!
I’m revisiting some of my favorite outfits from this summer featuring white!
Camp Shirt | Leopard Belt | Artist Jean | Jack Rogers Ballet Flats

Do you wear white after Labor Day? What’s your favorite piece of white clothing in your closet… and how do you style it?

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Evann Clingan

Loving that tiny monogram on your J.Crew gingham shirt, Carly! I actually don't wear a ton of white. Maybe it's my fair skin…or the fact that I have a tough time not spilling things on myself. Haha!

Temple Mims

I believe that the whole "no white after labor day" rule is no longer relevant. If you look at the Fall 2012 runway for designers like Max Azria, white pants and blazers were all throughout it. I plan to wear white all year.

Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I'm constantly going through all the posts. And I definitely just bought the white dress in this post! I'm in love! Keep up the good work!!


I pick and choose on my rules surrounding memorial and labor day. I think Madras and Seersucker are definite no's outside those dates mainly just because it makes the fabrics more special. I'd get tired if I saw them year round! As for white, I think it works so well in button downs and pants for winter that holding onto that rule is a bit silly. I probably will wear my white skirts a bit longer too though – it stays above 80 here in OK for at least a month or longer!

Julia D.

I love that first outfit! I try not to subscribe to fashion rules, except for "no socks with sandals" because that's just criminal, and wear what I feel is appropriate for the weather and my life.