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When we moved to Connecticut, I really wanted to have our apartment in complete order within three weeks. This turned out to be impossible, especially since our trip to Bonaire was in that self-ordered timeline. All the furniture I had in NYC was from Ikea, a gracious college graduation gift. (Except for the pink couch which I bought impulsively online and the West Elm desk which was the only desk I could find to fit in that tiny nook.) I really did love what I had and it worked perfectly for the space. However, things started to fall apart this summer, especially the $24 coffee table
The only piece of furniture that I brought from New York is this bookshelf. Other than that, we had a complete fresh start. It was really important to me that we decorate the apartment in a gender neutral, cohesive way. Aka… No. More. Pink. 
I will definitely be doing a full tour with pictures soon, but we’re still working on finalizing everything. As I mentioned earlier, that three week timeline was completely ridiculous thinking on my end. Between furniture deliveries and delays (so many delays…) and figuring out how the space would really work for us, I needed more time to get everything together. Plus, I feel like it’s those little details at the end that really bring everything together and I’m absolutely still working on those.
After scouring Pinterest for inspiration (duh), I really wanted to go for a coastal/Americana look without dipping into the cheesy/beachy look. I worked with Havenly again to help decorate our living room and we’ve been piecing together the bedroom on our own. Here’s a sneak peek with what to expect:
We have one bedside table and another supposedly on its way along with a dresser, finally! We’re getting there, we’re getting there. The office still needs a little (er, a lot of) work, but here’s the inspiration for that space.

I just have to keep reminding myself that these things take time and it’s okay if it’s not 100% done all at once. 

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Three weeks is a short time! As nice as it is to live in a place that feels "done" in a way, you really can't truly know what you need in a space until you've lived in it for a bit. You may find you actually need a short dresser rather than a tall one because your closet houses most of your clothes but you really need a surface to display your jewelry or to place your handbag. Or you may find that a certain corner would benefit from a reading chair, while another just really needs a lamp. As difficult as it may be, it's probably a good thing that you got forced into this prolonged decorating period 🙂

Sweet Spontaneity

Kristen Woolsey

I am going for that non-tacky coastal look to! My husband I had the same challenge of decorating for 2 tastes. He let me do most of the selecting, but if I lived alone my house would look like a Lilly dressing room! Ultimately it's been fun, and I love that our house has been 'collected' over the years.

Laura Cronin

I'd love to use Havenly when I move this winter, they look like a great service to provide inspiration. The coastal theme is perfect for Connecticut, can't wait to see how it looks! I really like Homegoods for finding fun unique items for decorating!


Laura Aime Vous

Olivia Stieren

My (as of two weeks) husband and I just moved into our new place last month!! Getting it put together has taken much longer than we would like considering we had our wedding two weeks ago plus the honeymoon. We finally got our new couch this week and are still on the hunt for a few key furniture items! We got that basket from our registry 🙂 we have some cute throws in there and love how it looks!


I recently moved this summer as well and it is just a never ending project of decorating. It is impossible to do everything at once even though I would love to also!