Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew My Freshman Year with Skype

It’s been quite a few years since my freshman year. Actually, this was right around the exact time of the semester when I realized I was way in over my head. I knew I was in trouble. My grades were slipping, I was super homesick still, and I just kind of felt lost. Things eventually turned around, with the support of professors and counselors at the school. 
I often think, “man, if only I knew then what I know now.” I think I would have had a much different freshman experience if I could go back and time and give myself a few pointers! I teamed up with Skype to come up with a list of the ten things I wish I had known my freshman year. First, I teamed up with Skype for a group video call with Katherine and Dani to bounce around ideas with each other. I think we all agreed there was so much we wish we had known or done differently for a more successful year!
Is there anything you’d add to my list or something I forgot? Don’t forget that you can talk with the other Skype RAs and me here:

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Allison Griner

Hey Carly!
Can you believe that I am now midway through my first year in college? I started following the blog during my sophomore year in high school as a way to escape my life for a couple of minutes. Since then you have given so many great tips for students especially college students, so coming into freshman year I was a little more prepared because of you! Thanks for sharing all of your experiences. One thing I would add would be to be open to new adventures and friends. It's hard but worth it! I started my own blog so check it out!


Ashley Blum

Oh wow! This was fantastic! I completely agree with you on so many points and you brought up some really interesting ones. I'm so glad you all brought up treating college like a 9-5 job – that's such a great way to phrase it. When you leave the scheduled high school abyss and go into college where you're your own boss it can be easy to get a little all over the place and end up studying at 2am and tiring yourself out because you napped in the middle of the day or watched TV at 11am. A healthy routine is key! I love it!!!