Apple Picking in Rhode Island

I almost thought we were going to miss apple picking this year. As I was looking at my calendar and then Garrett’s schedule, I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen. There was ONE DAY where we could go and when I saw the window, it was just a matter of convincing Garrett!

We typically go somewhere nearby in New York or Connecticut (we love Fishkill Farms and had a great experience at March Farms too), but we decided to meet up with Kiel and Sarah and make it a whole thing. We drove up to go to an orchard near them. The first one was only open on the weekend, so we went to another one down the road, only to be turned away because they don’t allow dogs, and then we crossed our fingers and hoped that the third time really is a charm. Turns out they didn’t allow dogs, but they gave us special permission which we were really grateful for!

So it was pure chaos. Three dogs (two of whom are puppies), five people, two giant cameras, two style bloggers, and one vlogger-wannabe and it was just a LOT. While I normally would shy away from an overwhelming situation like that– I just took a few (aka constant) deep breaths and literally just laughed off the craziness. At the end of the day, everyone– of the two and four-legged varieties– had a great time.

It was worth it, though. The photos came out so amazingly. The best part is that we didn’t coordinate at all between the two couples. Like, we literally all just showed up like that. And we didn’t really even notice the coordination until we reviewed a photo on the camera. Even the dogs matched?!? I don’t hate it 😉

Fall Apple Picking Bucket List

Apple Picking Outfit Inspiration

I impulsively purchased this vest a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but I wanted to try it on. J. Crew’s excursion vests are always a staple in my closet during fall, so I thought I’d mix my vest game up. It’s so fuzzy and cute!!! I love the way it looks with plaid shirts, but I think it’ll go with a lot until next spring!

Apple Picking Outfits

Hunter Rainboots for girls Barbour Coats for Dogs

Our pups each have their own Barbour coats. I have no excuse; I just cannot help myself. It was actually pretty chilly the day we went. So much so that we had the heat blasting in the car to warm up after we were done. I brought my own Barbour coat to slip into between shots.

College Prepster

My heart just absolutely melts from that photo! Teddy, my perfectly snuggly angel (he looks like the Downy teddy bear to me!) and Ham, a little scraggle muffin scoundrel of a pup (who had managed to get one of his arms completely out of the coat). I don’t know how parents with children do it… I’m a sappy mess with these dogs!

Hunter Rainboots

Sarah and I each wore our Hunter boots. They coordinated with the apples so well!!

Outfits for apple picking

Quick PSA about the flannel shirt I’m wearing. It’s hands down my favorite of the year… and it’s under $30!!!

Sarah Vickers

Jeep Wagoneer

PS If you want to see some of the chaos from behind the scenes, I vlogged the day!

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This is all just too cute. The dogs in the car at the end! We were the exact same way about the apple picking. I saw that we were too busy and wasn’t going to lose sleep over it, but one day opened up so the campaign to use it for apples is ON!


These pictures are awesome! I’m so impressed that even the dogs were posed perfectly.


Adorable. Love your blog! It is so hard to do what you do and I don’t think alot of people get it! You make me want to be preppy and pick apples. I love all the clothes! I would buy everything! Your also so nice! Can’t wait to see New Orleans!


I’m obsessed with your flannel. I’ve been looking for one just like it! I’m not super familiar with uniqlo’s sizing – would you mind sharing what size you’re wearing, and/or if you sized down?


Where is your watch from? I’ve seen it in a few posts, and I think it looks quite timeless.


Could you guys have matched any better, like is this for real!? These photos are stunning and look like they’re for a Hunter boots ad or something. And you puppies look like teddy bears. I can only imagine how this day could have been overwhelming!
Danielle @ afloat on a full sea


What a fun time! I love that the dogs tagged along 🙂 I’ll be up in RI for fall activities in a couple weeks!



I’m buying a Barbour jacket for my pup and he’s about the same size as yours – what sizes are they wearing??