New for Fall

After switching over my closet, I vowed not to go crazy with shopping. It’s always helpful to take a real inventory of what I have or don’t have before spending a ton of money and realizing I didn’t need something or already had a similar item. But, I did manage to pick up a few things that I’m excited about:


Denim Dress // How cute is this little denim dress? I realized that I didn’t have a ton of neutral easy-to-wear dresses for fall. This one is under $70 and is fitted but still comfortable. It looks great on its own, or layered with a sweater, or with a plaid shirt tied at the waist!

Plush Vest // I was really on the fence with this one and pulled the trigger anyway. (I kept the tags on for a few weeks in case I changed my mind.) But, the first time I wore it, I instantly knew that I made the right decision. It’s the vest I wore in yesterday’s blog post! So cozy and fun… I love how it adds a bit of texture to an outfit and is super easy to layer with.

Plaid Scarf // Scarves are the easiest way to add a pop of color to an outfit. This plaid is great because it stands out, but it’s not overly aggressive! And the colors will for sure work with all of my favorite fall pieces. Expect to see this often!

Lipstick! // This is actually something I didn’t buy; it’s something I’m really trying to embrace. I have been into lipsticks lately. It’s a “goal” of mine to remember to put it on every day. I think I’m doing pretty good about it and prefer to wear it now, which was never the case before. That said, a regular lipstick tends to have a lot of upkeep throughout the day. Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatments, Glossier’s Generation G, and Neutrogena’s Revitalizing Lip Balm have been go-tos for me. They’re as convenient and easy as lip balm but have great lipstick-like color.

Caged Flats // These flats were and were not necessary. The reason why I ended up getting them though is that I have very, very rarely been wearing heels lately. I just can’t force myself to do suffer in heels if I’m not in the mood! Instead, I love a fancy flat!! Even though I already have plenty of ballet flats, most of them are better for everyday wear and not quite dressy enough. I loved these flats and felt like they’re a good alternative to a nude pump. (Also, I wore them for the first time and did not get a blister!!! Felt like a miracle.)

Monogrammed Tote // I’ve been eyeing this tote for quite some time and finally did it this fall. It’s the perfect size for a handbag (not quite school/work tote sized). It’s even better in person!

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Love the look of the bag and would have bought it immediately, but it has no inner pocket. That is one thing that I have learned a purse has or it doesn’t come home with me. My beautiful JCrew Downing Tote rarely gets used because of this.

Addie Thompson

I love all your new fall picks! My two favorites would have to be that brown vest and the plaid scarf! Such cute fall staples!
xoxo, Addie


I’m definitely not a lipstick person either. I never wear it cause I always feel self conscious that its peeling or fading away and I constantly have to look to make sure it still looks okay. I’ll definitely have to try the Neutrogena balm you talked about!!


Liz Adams

I love that denim dress! Gap has a similar one that I’m obsessed with. I threw a sweater over it and wore my white Chuck shorelines and it was such a fun fall outfit!


Ugh Carly! Every time I come to your blog I leave needing everything on it. I’ve been eyeing that vest for a while and love seeing how you have worn it it. Those shoes are also really cute, I had not seen those yet.


I swear by the Fresh Sugar lip balms, I have had the Rose one for almost a year now and it’s still so good! The coral color looks gorgeous though. Plaid scarves for fall are a given, I love it! I need to get a vest this season, but I have the hardest time finding comfy long sleeve plain shirts to layer under them. Would you recommend any from anywhere?
Danielle @ afloat on a full sea


I’ve added that leather handled boat and tote to my cart so many times, but I can’t make a decision. I have the original boat and tote in medium and use it for everything. Love the choice of green for fall!


Carly, you need to try matte liquid lipsticks! They’re the BEST because you put them on once and they last forever! They’re definitely not an every day kind of makeup but they’re so great for events where you won’t have a chance to touch up very often! (I’m a huge fan of the Fresh lipsticks for every day, they’re soooo moisturizing)