Vermont Weekend

I couldn’t not share some of the photos I snapped on my phone while in Vermont this weekend. Victoria’s family has an amazing ski house in Vermont, and I was so excited to visit them again this fall. (I went up there last October too!)

I made the trek up to Massachusetts to meet up with them at a horse show Victoria and her mom competed in and then we caravanned the rest of the way up to Vermont. It was well past sunset when we finally arrived, so imagine my excitement when we saw the very beginning of the fall foliage in the morning. I was in heaven. Poor Victoria had to hear me exclaim about the colors every two seconds!!! There is something really magical about changing leaves… it speaks to me on a very, very deep level.

Vermont Foliage

That is my favorite house in Vermont! I just love it and can only imagine the incredible views of they get to see from the porch.

Farmer's Market

It was dreary the entire weekend, but we all agreed that it set the mood for the entire weekend. There was a lot of bundling up for walks and extra time spent cozying up in front of the fire.

We set off for the farmer’s market first thing in the morning. It’s very… Vermont, which I love. I made a special request to get some maple glazed doughnuts and had zero protests. They are so good. And I apparently forgot to snap a photo of them, although they made an appearance in the vlog I did.

(A few people have emailed me about Victoria’s sweater– it’s an older Dale of Norway, but here’s a similar option!)


We also took the dogs on a lot of walks around their property. My little Teddy does not enjoy the car, so I wanted to make sure the long drive/quick trip was well worth it… plus tiring out a dog before a long car ride home is never a bad idea. Teddy and Ham were in heaven. At one point, I didn’t think Hamilton would want to leave at all. They were romping around like wild animals, and it was the cutest thing ever.

Victoria and I also made a significant, early dent in the wood stacking. Even though this would technically fall under the category of “chore,” it’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s quite cathartic, and I’m pretty sure I could do it for ten hours straight. The dogs were just extra happy to get to run around for even longer.

Stacking Wood

We went to bed early Saturday night after dinner and a movie at home and woke up early for a hike first thing in the morning. Last year we did this wonderful hike. It was a beautiful day, the dogs had a blast, and it was energizing and felt like a nice paced workout.

… then this year… Victoria didn’t exactly mention that we were doing a different hike. But, um, she tricked me into climbing Mad River Glen. I did think it was weird when Victoria’s mom asked me if the little dogs would be okay on the hike since Teddy did it with no problem the year before. This, however, was entirely different ballgame. I’m sure it’s not bad for someone in good hiking shape (like Victoria, who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer 😒), but for me, it was REALLY hard. Somehow I made it up in once piece.

I was hot on the way up and sweating like crazy, plus it was raining, but the minute we stopped moving, I was freezing. The dogs took turns snuggling in our warm Patagonia sweaters while we ate sandwiches before making the (thankfully easier) trek down.

Never again Victoria… Never again!!!!!!

Mad River Glen Hiking

Bundled back up after successfully making it to the top in once piece! It was rainy so the views of the foliage weren’t as great as they could have been, but I still thought it looked so cool with the fog rolling in.Vermont Fog Vermont House

This house was for sale…. tempting, very tempting! A ski house is definitely on my dream-life-bucket-list. Part of me thinks I’ll probably buy a “second home” before I buy a real house, ha!

Sad news, though. Victoria is moving to Colorado this month… I’m really going to miss her!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully, there will be some trips out to Colorado to visit her.

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Mad River Glen is an awesome ski hill in the winter! The culture there is very relaxed and down to earth, and you often feel like you have the whole mountain to yourself. I’ve never been in fall though, it looks beautiful!


Oh I also enjoy the Fall so much and when the leaves change colors. This really warnt me to make a Trip for hiking too. Greetings from Berlin,Germany!


What a perfectly cozy fall weekend! I just love those trips to get completely away from everything and pretend like I live in a quieter place. And the sneak peek of the fall foliage! Jealous!
Catherine: Classic Catherine


So cute! This is my ideal way to spend a fall weekend. Too bad I am stuck in the city!


This looks like an amazinggggg trip. I can’t believe I’m saying this since I’m from CT but… I’ve never been to Vermont! I’m hoping to change that this year and go for a beautiful hike just like you did… but maybe a little bit easier, hehe.

Danielle @ afloat on a full sea


Carly the scenery looks beautiful, but looks like a hard hike, glad you and the pups survived! Can you share info about the shoes and pants you wore on the hike? I always find it difficult to figure out what to wear on more active outdoorsy activities. Thanks in advance!


Looks like you had an amazing time I love Vermont the whole state is gorgeous!
Xo, Kelsey


Come to Colorado!! We recently moved to Colorado Springs and it is so gorgeous, full of leaves changing colors, and nice hikes 🙂