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An Apple Watch review has, surprisingly, been my top requested post for the past two weeks. (Side note: I love when you send me blog post requests… It ensures that I’m posting things you guys are interested in!)

I’ve had the Apple Watch for over a year. Garrett got it for me as a surprise, but I only recently started wearing it on a more regular basis. I’m going to go into detail about what I think about the watch, but the bottom line is that it’s great if you want it and can afford it, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must have. Okay… onto the actual review:

Apple Watch Review

PRO: I can be in the loop without having my phone out. I love being able to keep my phone tucked away in my handbag, but still get notifications of texts and calls on my wrist. While I don’t glance down often, it’s still nice to be able to check quickly to see if what’s going on if there’s a break in a conversion. On the same note, I love to walk around the city with my phone in my bag and not missing messages. I’m always so afraid I’m going to drop my phone on the ground and shatter the screen!

PRO: The notifications are so satisfying. I know that sounds super weird. Hear me out, though. I thought having something buzzing against my wrist would drive me nuts. It’s actually a really soft and nice feeling. Like a gentle tap. You can definitely notice it if you’re paying attention, but it’s also easy to tune out if you’re working in the zone, something that I appreciate.

CON: Charging sucks. Like, really sucks. I’ve had to plug my watch in on Metro North more often than not. The battery will get you through the day, but if you forget to charge it at night, you’re out of luck!! (This happens to me a lot.) I think this is why I didn’t wear the watch so much at the beginning. I couldn’t get in the habit of charging it. Recently, I purchased this charging stand for my iPhone and watch, and it’s been a game-changer. Now when I plug my phone in at night, I remember to get my watch for the stand, too. (Also I didn’t learn this until recently, but you can use the regular charger and turn your watch sideways to turn it into “nightstand mode.”)

CON: It can feel annoying on my wrist, especially if I’m hot. For the most part, I don’t feel the watch. However, just like any watch, it can feel irritating under certain circumstances. Sometimes I take it off when I’m hot, and my wrist starts sweating.

PRO: The straps make a huge difference. Garrett got me the simple, pale pink leather band and I’m obsessed with it. It’s the perfect neutral for me. I think the best part of the watch though is how easy it is to switch out the bands. I got the Hermes double strap, which is more of a statement band and I also got the white sport band for when I play tennis. If you’re picking your first strap, I’d actually recommend the sport band– it’s ridiculously comfortable and the easiest to put on!

CON: You still need your phone. That’s the one thing that I don’t think I realized. I knew it but didn’t understand the full ramifications of it. You have to have your phone on you for the watch to work. Well, you can wear it as a plain watch, but if you want any of the features, it has to be near your phone… because it uses your phone’s internet. It’s not some magic watch– it’s more like an extension of your phone.

PRO: The apps are small, but mighty. There’s nothing revolutionary about the apps, to be honest. But the functions you’re able to perform on your wrist is pretty cool anyway. I like using maps (it vibrates when you’re approaching a turn), checking email (if I need to), and the messaging (the voice to text is super accurate and easy!).

CON: I don’t like wearing it while I type on my laptop. This is the biggest con for me. I work from home and wearing the watch during the day when I’m at home isn’t practical– or necessary. I don’t like wearing any bracelets or watches when I’m on my laptop because I find them annoying against the metal of my laptop!

PRO: It’s cool! 😉 I feel very Zenon with this thing on!!

Any other questions that I didn’t answer?

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What apps do you like?
Which charger did you get?
Do you feel that the watch as a fitness tracker is comparable and/or as accurate as other fitness trackers on the market?

I liked the post but was hoping for and looking forward to some more specific details rather than simply the basics (appearance, co fort, charging, etc.) I have the watch and was just looking for some insight into any tweaks I might want to make


I haven’t really downloaded any extra apps- I mostly use it for messages, calls, and the GPS.

The charger link didn’t save:

I don’t really use the fitness element; I check it occasionally but do like the heart rate monitor!


Ah thanks for this review! I’ve been kind of wondering what the perks of having one were, and I didn’t particularly want one before, but I never thought about all the times I pull my phone out on the street and such when it would be so much easier to use something strapped to my wrist! For directions and texting on the go, I can see now how it would be so helpful. I love your Hermes strap!


In some ways there are features of the Apple watch that would make sense for me, like being able to remotely play and pause music from an app like Spotify. I’m a dance teacher and being able to just tap my wrist to pause music while I’m teaching would be a GAME CHANGER. I really like the rose gold watch that comes with a lilac sport band!
Danielle @ afloat on a full sea


Oh I think you’d love it then… especially for that! I just love that I can access certain parts of my phone (for me, messages mostly) without having to hold something in my hand!


Thanks for the great review, here’s a blog post request since you said you like them. Could you do a fall essentials post but on a budget, thank you so much for this blog, I read it every day!😊❤


Yes, please do a fall on a budget post! I love your style, but sometimes the pricetags can be a little shocking! I’ve got more of a J. Crew Factory sale budget, lol 😉


The gps for me is amazing because I don’t have one in my car so it makes it so I don’t have to look down at my phone or even listen on Bluetooth! I love it


I got the apple watch last spring and didn’t really know much about it’s features. I was bummed that you actually needed your phone to do a lot of the things that you may want to just get done quickly on the watch…Oveall i’ve liked it for working out, but like you have only started wearing it a lot recently. I like this honest review of it!


This is really useful information. I just purchased the new apple watch and am waiting for it to come in the mail! Can you share which charging stand you got and the bands you have? Can you talk about the apps you use more often with the watch?


Can you link the charging station you purchased for the watch? I’m not seeing the hyperlink and would love the check it out! Very helpful post and review!

Bryn Bradsher

I haven’t tried the Apple Watch yet but the idea is fascinating to me. I used to wear watches all the time but I agree that I don’t like to wear them when I’m typing on my laptop so I’ve stopped wearing one all together. Thanks for the review! xo Bryn

Kim Pincombe-Cole

How hard is it to see the apps & whatnot on the small watch screen? My husband would really like one, but is afraid he won’t be able to read the small font/icons. I’d love to get him 1 for Christmas if I don’t have to get him Lasix surgery to go with it, ha!


It’s not hard to SEE, but the touch screen might be hard. I have a hard time unlocking it with my fingers sometimes… It’d be worth going to the store and playing around with it!


Hi Carly!

I’ve really been wanting to get one because of all the new updated features. With this in mind, would you say it would be worth purchasing the latest version? Other readers feedback is welcome! ☺️


The Apple Watch has never really caught my attention until recently (~2 months ago), and I’ve been doing crazy research about it online. I’m glad you did a post about it because I enjoy reading about what works and doesn’t work for other people. And since the new AW Series 2 just came out, I have my eye set on that!


What leather band would you recommend? I’m considering getting a watch, and I would love a simple, understated leather band to wear. As much as a I love (heart eye emoji) the Hermes band, it’a just not in my price range.


So funny that you posted this today— I was literally about to google “Apple watch” for more details when I remembered to check my inbox for today’s TCP post haha 🙂