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The Camel Coat

Over the years, I’ve been slowly adding to my coat closet with certain “staples.” I mostly grew up in Florida where coats were a completely foreign concept. I still get excited– maybe a bit too excited– when it comes to new coats. It’s actually a problem.

I know I said I was going to go through my closet and switch over the seasons this weekend, but it didn’t happen. I was feeling kind of bummed out and moped around instead of being productive. Anyway… part of switching over my wardrobe is that I desperately need to go through my coat closet. I swear, I’m trying very very hard to keep things at a minimum. (This is extra hard when my job involves wearing clothes…)

As far as coats go, I have a great coat for freezing days, a puffer coat, a toggle coat, and my ever-favorite cocoon coat! I totally realize this is more than enough winter coats, but they all seem to have a certain and different purpose.

There’s one more that I’ve been searching for: a camel coat.

I think I found “the one.” (PS it’s available in petite and plus size!) It was out of stock in my size for a while and I randomly checked and saw that it was available again. I don’t have it yet, but I’m hoping it fits well! If not… here are some of my backup options:

Camel coats

Do you have a favorite? If my pick doesn’t work out is there somewhere else I should look?

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You can always do your own search… Start with your favorite website where you know you can afford the products, select coats, select camel/off white/tan as a color option, and then sort by your price range! It’s how I personally shop and find things for the website.


It would be so helpful to include the prices in the post or at least organized by price point… especially as the picture refers to budget. Waste of time for readers to have to click a million links.
I really like your pick though, good choice!


I got the orange cocoon coat from J. Crew last year and I love it! I am the same way with coats and love your picks!
Lauren |


I had wanted a camel coat last year because I thought they looked very chic but I find that camel coats don’t really look good on most people. You really have to be blonde and tan to pull it off. I tried one on last year and it just made me look sickly and washed out so I bought a red wool coat instead, which looked a million times better.

Shayla McMurray

I feel like Kate Middleton rocks the camel coat and she is neither tan nor blonde lol 🙂 Anyhow, thats the look I try to channel when I wear mine

Alyssa J Freitas

I’m surprised that some people are saying it doesn’t work with light skin and dark hair. I have a camel coat that belonged to my grandmother (the quality is amazing!) and I really enjoy the look with my coloring. I am sure you will look great in whatever option you decide on, Carly!

Kayla Michelle Pelletier

Llbean has my “one” if all else fails!! It’s a very classic cut and it looks so cozy!!