I just wanted to take the day today to thank you for reading my blog and following along. It means everything to me, it really does.

One thing that I’ve been trying to do more of is to let people know when I appreciate something. Saying “thanks” and “I appreciate you” do go hand in hand, but showing appreciation goes beyond a thank you, in my opinion. There’s extra “value” and “worth” (literally as it’s the definition) with appreciation.

And I just want to let you know that I so appreciate you. Whether you read every day or pop in now and then; leave comments or just skim through at your desk when you get to work; if you’ve been around since 2008 or just discovered my blog a week ago.

I’ve met a bunch of you in person over the years, and I always think about how the people who read my blog are THE BEST in the world. Everyone is nice, hard-working, and genuine. I wish we could all sit down together for coffee one day. I think that would be my absolute dream, actually, to be able to sit down with each and every one of you.

I 100% consider everyone who has ever read my blog a part of my personal journey through life. Sometimes I’m moved to tears when I think about fortunate and grateful I am.

You are appreciated greatly. THANK YOU.

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Carly, thank YOU so very much. I’ve only been reading your blog for the past few months, but ever since I discovered your instagram I’ve checked in every day to see your posts. They give me so much joy and motivation, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the work you put into posts, photos, and videos. Thanks for making us feel appreciated, because we all adore you.


Beautiful sentiment, Carly! I’ve been reading since college (we’re about the same age, so that was a while ago… ha!) and your site is one of the reasons I felt compelled to pick up blogging myself. You seem so personable, which made blogging feel twenty types more human. While it’s not a full-time gig, it grew bigger than I expected and, most importantly, helped me grow enough as a writer to go into business for myself as a full-time freelancer. Blogging for the win! Thank you for your endless inspiration, and happy Thanksgiving!

Stephanie Grace

Thank you so much Carly! I cannot thank you enough for being a big sister to me, I truly appreciate it. Have an amazing Thanksgiving! May God Bless!


Dear Carly, I have been reading your blog since 2012 and love it! So right back at ya: Thank you!


Thankful you continue to work hard, and pour your heart into this space. Been reading since 2008 and have loved following along. Hope I can meet you one day!


Happy Thanksgiving, Carly! You and your blog are an inspiration. I know I appreciate you and all hard work you do. Have a great weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thank you for your blog and sharing your life with us. I enjoy being along for the ride.



Carly, I started reading your blog a little over a year ago and honestly, every post is so inspiring. Whether you’re sharing an adorable outfit, giving motivational tips, or sharing personal advice, just know that your posts never go unappreciated. You’re the best, keep doing you!


I just love your blog! I read it everyday, it’s a little sanctuary from the chaos of my day!
Thank you!

Gillian Redstone

Commenting late…but Carly I’m so thankful for you too! You are such an amazing role model to me. I especially love when I forget to check your blog for a couple days and then I get to read multiple posts in a row.


Carly! I have been reading your blog since 2013ish (maybe before) and you are the biggest inspiration! I honestly go so into blogging because I thought you blog was the coolest! (back when green and pink were #FIRE) I have loved following your journey! Thanks for everything you do!