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Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. It’s been so nice to be home. I should be on the computer a lot more than I have been and I don’t even feel a smidge guilty.

I’ll be back later today with more sales, but I think the best one is Tuckernuck. They have something for everyone, so you can do all your shopping from one spot. Easy! Above I’m wearing this green top (it’s stretchy!), these faux leather leggings (also stretchy!), this bow clutch, these leopard heels, and these earrings.

ONE // 6 Lessons from the RXBar Founders

I am OBSESSED with RXBARs right now. They’re my current go-to “hangry” snack and what I’ve been eating before or after workouts depending on my mood. This was an interesting article with some business strategy and tips from the co-founders!

TWO // Alcohol Mindfulness 

One of my favorite mom bloggers wrote about her alcohol consumption, and I loved the post because it summed up a lot of how I feel about the culture around alcohol. I rarely drink and I’ve noticed a lot of other people making the choice to not drink or to drink less. Some people assume that because I don’t drink, that I judge people for drinking and it really couldn’t be farther from the truth. I actually feel like I get more judgment for choosing water over wine at dinners… even though it doesn’t bother me! Wish people would be more open-minded on both sides of the coin. (My fave Youtubers realized she was drinking too much too.)

THREE // “I Tried a $250 Headband to Help my Anxiety”

So while I don’t completely buy into the headband thing (or think that you need to spend that much money!!!), I thought this video demonstrated how meditation works over time. I’ve tried to get my friends to meditate (on Day 262 in a row!), and a lot of people give up after a few days. The trick is to stay with it and remember that you DON’T have to be perfect! I still “struggle” with a busy mind while meditating and that’s really the whole point. You let the thoughts come and go without forcing it. It’s not about trying to block the thoughts at all; it gets easier as you go.

FOUR // Macey Goes to Hamilton

I love watching Ellen and Macey is one of my favorite recurring guests. She is the amazing little girl who knows everything about the presidents! Well, Ellen sent her to see Hamilton in LA and, well, Macey had the time. of. her. life. 

FIVE // Funniest Demolition Video

This video just went viral, and it’s hilarious. People were filming the Georgia Dome explosion, and a bus pulls right in front the camera as the explosion happens. They definitely missed the shot they were looking for, but got an even better one!!!

SIX // Mom on a Hoverboard

Ending the post on a hilarious note! This mom on a hoverboard might be the funniest thing on the internet, of all time.

Happy Friday!

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Erin Lucy

This is such a great article on drinking. I do think it can be a really tough subject in our society especially since it is almost an expectation as an adult to drink. Thanks for sharing!


Southern & Style

The bus pulling up in front of the implosion of the Georgia Dome totally made me laugh. I’m in Alabama & our local news station shared it and had me giggling!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


I SO agree on the alcohol issue. Most of my friends drink, but for many reasons I choose not to. I don’t mind being around them when they’re drinking, but I often feel like I get judged for NOT, which seems so silly! Happy Thanksgiving!


Amen to your philosophy of choosing not to drink. Over the past two years, I have phased out alcohol of my life without consciously realizing it, mostly because I hardly drank previously. Most of my close friends and family are used to my water preference, but every now and again, I do get a raised eyebrow from someone new. I just prefer a cookie over a drink any day!


I’m glad you mentioned the drinking. I’ve been doing the Ketogenic lifestyle and being in ketosis I just feel lousy on even half a glass or a shot of anything. I’ve just decided I don’t want to drink anymore. It doesn’t make me feel well and clear minded. I am not making any formal “announcement” about it, I just don’t. I’m very happy with this path. Thanks for talking about this Carly!


I love Monica Church!! The alcohol thing is hard, I’ve been trying to limit it just to the weekends. I was drinking a glass of wine during the week a couple of days and I would be like do I actually need this?? My mom gave up wine for Lent this year and hasn’t drank since!

Ashley Hirst

I have to say I 100% agree with your drinking comment – I don’t drink and especially at work events, people get so self conscious and feel the need to justify themselves and act like I’m judging them. I totally get a ton of crap for not drinking either which is funny because I actually have more fun not drinking than most people who drink lol! Thank you for saying this and not feeling pressured to drink being such a big influencer 🙂