Attitude is Everything!!

Have you ever gotten up on the wrong side of the bed? And every little thing that happens that day seems to just go plain wrong. Isn’t it frustrating? I sometimes feel like when one thing doesn’t go the way I think it should, the rest of the day is simply ruined. I get all frustrated and then can’t concentrate and make more and more mistakes.
What I need to do is just take a step back…. breathe…. and start again.
Attitude is everything.

Energy spent dreading an event or complaining about an experience or just being down right unhappy is energy wasted. Because I’m so busy, I’m super conscientious of where of I spend my energy. I only have 24 hours in the day, well, we all do! I want to make sure I’m using those 24 hours in the best way possible. Both in getting as much done as possible (and scheduling “me time”) and in feeling happy throughout the day as well.
There’s this trick people have about when you’re talking on the phone with someone you should smile. Even though they can’t see your smile, your tone and the energy you give is perceived as much more friendly. Seriously, it works. And it works for other life events as well. I use this tactic all the time!!! One scenario where it works particularly well is when I’m underground on the subway. Despite big crowds, loud music, and tons of lost tourists… I always walk through with a smile (or at the very least a tiny grin so I don’t look too crazy!). If I’m smiling, I’m way less likely to snap at someone or get aggravated over a super crowded train!
Having a great attitude doesn’t necessarily come easily, so you may have to practice a bit. And I personally always have to remind (and remind and remind) myself to keep a positive attitude!!!
What better reminder than a fun new print for wallpapers!!!
Desktop Wallpaper

iPhone Wallpaper

iPad Wallpaper

Facebook Cover Photo

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I was just thinking this earlier today. I was so happy and productive because I just put a positive spin on everything, stayed calm, and prayed.


This post came at a perfect time. My week has definitely started off rough but with your advice, I think I'll manage to smile through the work week. Oh, and I love the wallpaper…super cute!

Paige Ladisic

I think that's some of the best advice possible! It's so easy to waste precious time and energy whining about something instead of getting it done and making the best out of it.

Sweet Peaches

This post in particular really spoke to me. As of late, I have been feeling especially stressed and on edge. Sometimes a little attitude adjustment is all it takes to bring a day from a a negative place to a positive one. Thanks for the reminder!


Oh my!…This is so timely for me!

I woke up today and decided that it's time I chose to be genuinely happy!..there's no point worrying or dreading the worst..My mantra going forward literally is choose to smile, choose to be happy…Everything is always better with a smile.

I even decided to make it a post for my Monday inspiration on my blog next week!

Thanks for sharing Carly!…updating my cover photo ASAP!




Thanks so much, Carly! This came at a perfect time for me! I actually started smiling while I was reading about smiling!


This is just what I needed to read today! I am having such a bad start to the year; but if I can put a smile on my face I will exert more positive energy out into the world, and receive more positive energy!


Thanks for the reminder 🙂 I often get the same feeling, that if one thing goes wrong the whole day is ruin. Hate to admit this, but some times I *let* it. Going to make an effort to do better!


AWESOME! Thank you so much for the wallpapers! I put it on my iPhone & laptop… such a great reminder to stay positive. LOVE your blog!

Alexandra Steinmetz

Yes! This is so true! 2012 was rough and I had a pretty dark cloud over my head for a lot of it, but I'm trying to enter 2013 with a more positive attitude, I totally agree that just trying to smile and stay positive on the subway makes a world of difference!

Ashley W.

I love this post! So true and a great reminder! Also the wallpapers are awesome. Those two colors together are one of my favorite color combinations. Thanks for everything you do! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!