Leggings as Pants

I don’t have many rules for what I wear… but two things I consistently ask myself when I am out shopping or getting ready in the morning are: Do I like this? and Am I comfortable in this? (And I don’t wear white pants/shoes, madras, or seersucker after Labor Day…)
Other than that, everything is pretty much fair game as long as it fits the “I like this” and “I’m comfortable in this” criterion.
I know that a lot of people don’t consider leggings as pants, but I’m completely okay with it. In fact, I generally wear a pair of leggings at least once a week. I think they look cute with riding boots and even cute little flats (if it’s not freezing out).
My go-to is to pair the leggings with an oversized sweater that is loose and gives a little bit more coverage (if you know what I mean!). I also really like wearing leggings with longer tunic-like button ups! On the weekends, I’ve even been known to wear my little Audrey-inspired outfit. (Actually, I call it my ninja outfit, but Audrey sounds way better!) Whenever I’m running errands, I always have on a long coat and scarf so no one even sees what sweater I’m wearing. It’s a chic little outfit that takes absolutely zero effort. Hello, major win-win.
Don’t be surprised if you see me walking around the Upper East Side wearing this exact same outfit!
Similar coat from J. Crew | LOFT Leggings | Similar Stubbs & Wootton

I’m not kidding when I say that this is my go-to weekend outfit!!! Perfect for fighting the crowds at the grocery store, doing laundry, and catching up on to-do lists.

If leggings aren’t really your thing, but you want the same look, try these ponte pants. They’re same shape and style (i.e. very slimming!) as leggings, but they’re made of a much thicker material. You may feel more comfortable in them.
Shop my favorite leggings using the widget below!!

Where do you fall on the leggings as pants debate?


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Audrey all the way!
While Audrey makes it seem so natural to wear leggings with just a sweater and flats, I don't think I would ever be able to pull that off. Leggings to me are just like tights, meant to be worn under shirtdresses, tunics, dresses, and the like as a leg layer, not as pants. It's always just been a little weird for me to wear leggings without a skirt or a longer top above since I'm always scared of my underwear showing through or my rear end being exposed in some way.

Kudos to you if you can pull it off though! I personally think you look very comfy and cute in your outfit. Those loafers look darling and your coat is such a fun shade!



I completely agree. I have no problem wearing leggings as pants! They are just too comfortable to pass them up. I could wear them everyday of the week 🙂



I used to NEVER agree that leggings are pants. I have now moved somewhere cold and I have completely changed my view. They are great for cold days and errands!

P.S. did you hear about the principle who tried to ban leggings from his school because he thought they shouldn't be worn as pants

A Simple Southern Life

I love legggings as pants paired with the right top. I am a teacher so I can't wear them to work but as far as the afternooon and weekend goes, my go to legging outfit is very similar.


I am guilty of wearing leggings with a slouchy top. It's too comfy! But for the most part, I'm against leggings as pants unless there's the right amount of coverage. I see people all the time wearing cheap $4 leggings that stretch too much and you can see skin straight through it. I'm sorry, but those are not pants!


I LOVE leggings as pants. With such a crazy schedule, they are a great solution when on the go. I normally pair them with riding boots, a button down or sweater and a nice coat! So perfect for weekend errands or a long night of class or day in the library!


The Mesquite Creek

I agree with Taylor, "I see people all the time wearing cheap $4 leggings that stretch too much and you can see skin straight through it. I'm sorry, but those are not pants!" Also in Texas, all ages have been seen wearing them to tight. My eyes have been insulted by practically seeing these people "virtually naked" it is gross and basically disgust me.


All throughout college I was morally oposed to leggings, in general, let alone as pants. However, now I find myself wearing them more with sweater dresses (tights are just too thin!) or long tunics. Heck, after church yesterday I took off my tunic and threw on a big tshirt + leggings to clean. Sometimes they're just easier than pants!

carelessly graceful


Oh YES girl, leggings are TOTALLY pants – whenever someone says they're not, I'm confused.. like, what else would they be!? Loving your outfit suggestions! LEGGINGS 4EVER!



I usually wear Minnie or Pixie pants – they're super comfortable and I don't have to orry about them stretching or becoming too see-through like normal leggings. That polka dot popover is too cute, by the way!



I totally agree with Taylor; I just can not deal with people wearing those thin leggings where you can see their underwear. But I'm forever wearing thick leggings/jodhpurs with a casual button up or a baggy jumper on days when I just have to study or pop out to run a few errands! You somehow always manage to look super put-together at all times! I'm ridiculously jealous of that superhuman ability!!


I don't mind someone wearing leggings as pants, but personally I feel it makes me look silly. When I'm out, I'm wearing normal pants. When I'm in, I'm wearing sweatpants. That's my method.


I agree with you! Leggings are pants in my book – but just like any piece of clothing, some people pull the look off better than others!


I alternate between leggings and ponte knit pants/leggings. It's really all about how you wear it. As long as ones leggings aren't see through, or worse yet, actually footless tights, then leggings are A-OK as pants in my book!


i really want a pair of pixie pants. nothing bugs me more than when people wear leggings that should not be worn as pants. if the material is even semi see through, or they don't fit, you should not wear them as pants. i wear leggings all the time under dresses when tights aren't warm enough.


I'm with you on this one. I know some people (and especially bloggers) say they are "appalled" when they see women wearing leggings as pants but I don't see an issue with it! As long as you're comfortable and aren't exposing too much I think leggings can be a form of pant. I wear the J.Crew pixie pant when I want to wear leggings, but in a more "real" pant and put together way.
xo Tess


My mom got me a really thick pair of leggings from LOFT last year…maybe they're these ponte pants I keep hearing people mention? I LOVE them and haven't been able to find anything similar. The only way I've been able to wear leggings to work is under a dress but I feel funny doing that.


I'm totally guilty of this, but it's so comfortable.. and I think I look cute! I can't replace "regular" pants with jeans, entirely. I feel like as long as your top is long enough, it's good! xx

Daniella Holny

I'm cool with leggings as pants with 1 rule: wear a long enough shirt to cover up your stuff. I don't want to see anyones belongings when I'm walking through campus, when the sun is shining and a girl is wearing see-through leggings with nothing covering her shit up. Other than the long shirt-sweater-tunic factor, I'm all for leggings as pants, so comfy!


Here are my rules for leggings as pants:

1) Must be thick enough to not see any skin/cling to bulges
2) Butt and girl parts MUST be covered when sitting and standing.

If I wanted to see girl parts I would look them up myself. Sorry, but just saying what everyone's thinking! lol.