Video Blogging!

After a bit of cajoling, I’ve decided that I’m going to start video blogging! Or, at the very least… I’m testing the waters of video blogging. I think it will be a great way to put a voice behind the “voice.” Personally, I hate hearing the sound of my own voice. (It sounds WAY different in my head!!!) But, on the other hand, I actually love watching other bloggers (and vloggers) on video. It’s a completely different dimension that I think blogs in general lack.
This video is quite raw and unscripted, which is totally different than how I write. When I compose blog posts, I’m constantly deleting words, rearranging paragraphs, and even googling idioms (my biggest weakness). I definitely found myself speaking in a stream-of-consciousness throughout the video. Eep!
Okay here we go….
Mentioned in this video:

Let me know if you do or don’t want more videos…. what you’d want to see… what you’d want me to answer! I’m totally open to suggestions!!!


PS Any other video bloggers out there?

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Loved the video, Carly! Just a couple of tips (because I would love to see more!). Try moving your preview window up to the top of the screen, as close to the camera as possible, so it looks more like you are looking at the viewer. At the end of the videos, you can say your goodbyes and then pause for a second or two so that you can edit out the last second where you click to stop recording. It's so nice to see more of your personality come out on video!


I really like the video! I think it definitely adds a different dynamic to the blog. I still really love the written blogs though so I would hope to see a mix if you continued with them in the future! (:


it was really weird (in the greatest way possible) to hear your voice after reading your "voice" for the past 3+ years! lovedddd the vlog and i hope you keep them up! great job!!

Junior Mint League

I think the videos are a fabulous idea! You articulated it perfectly when you described the video as the voice behind the "voice." I realized while watching the video that I had assigned a voice for you in my head while reading your blog over the past few years. You're adorable and I look forward to more videos!


I love the idea of video blogs!
I just started too!!!
My roommate and I LOVE watching youtube videos and vloggers.
And because I love talking about all the same things I surprised her and started my own and I have to get over the fact that I don't like listening to the sound of my voice either!
I have yet to put it on my actual blog but I might someday….
Loved your first video and good luck with the rest of them!!

Chantel Burkes

I LOVE the idea of you doing videos. I agree with Junior Mint League that I kind of assigned a voice to you through your blog posts and it's nice to see a face and personality behind them. Just an idea since I also like to follow all the videos and beauty bloggers on YouTube: Since you don't seem to me to be the type to buy big hauls of things all at once, I think a good idea instead is to do a video once a month or maybe every couple of weeks on anything new that has happened, if you want to elaborate on any new blogs/companies you love, any tips on networking or things like that if you happen to go to an event, if you want to go into more depth about a topic that has been on your mind or something that didn't make it into a post, etc. I feel as though it is more a part of what you are doing anyway on the website but it is just easier and quicker to explain. I also like the clothes post idea that you mentioned in the video and I hope to see more of you! =))


oh you are such a doll! YES to the vlogs! I've literally been waiting for you to do another since you posted the hair tutorial a (long) while ago – please keep it up! and yes yes yes to the apartment tours! I know exactly what you mean about being self-conscious hearing or seeing yourself speak on camera, but don't worry, you're fine. And it will keep getting easier!

Claire Peucker

I loved the video post! It's great to finally hear your voice, which is very different from what I'd imagined 🙂 I can't wait to see more of these!


It's nothing personal, but 'No' to the video blog. I did not watch your video post, so it's truely nothing against you or your post. I just tend to be super-critical of video blogs because it tends to ruin what I've built up in my head, much like watching the movie after reading the book. Sometimes they do a good job, most of the time they don't and you end up disappointed. Plus I can not watch people embarrass themselves in such a public forum. It's the main reason I don't watch reality television shows like The Bachelor/ette.

Taylor S.

You are absolutely adorable and I love the idea of you video posting! I had this idea in my head of what you sounded like and it completely changed after watching the video. I think you'll find video posting to be much more easy going and not as scripted as actually writing out what you want to talk about every day. I definitely want to see more videos and I'm excited to see the rest of your apartment seeing as I will be looking for one/moving out of my parents house in the next year/year and a half! Great job!


Finally! I agree with Junior Mint League, it's really strange to actually hear your voice after reading your blog for so long; but strange in a good way! Can't wait for more video blogs!!

– Amy xo


So glad and excited you did this Carly! I would really like an apartment tour… they are so fun! I also really enjoy hearing your perspectives on how to stay true to yourself, blogging, careers, etc. (you have such a good head on your shoulders). Some of my favourite YouTube videos to watch are what's in your purse/school/work bag, top 5 favourite books, etc. (I can get very addicted to watching beauty and booktuber videos!!!) I also am a vlogger (although mostly I just do videos about my time studying abroad), so I totally feel you on how crazy it is to play a video back and watch and hear yourself talking. Good luck with your next video and I hope you keep making them!

Sarah Jacqueline

LOVED the video post! It was so great being able to hear your voice! It's so personal and so neat to see your compassion for blogging and your readers through this video. Keep it up! 🙂


Love it!! You are right, it is cool to see the "voice behind the voice". More videos please 🙂

On another note, that UP bracelet is super cool!!

Rosalyn Gambhir

This is a great move on your part Carly! Video blogging gives your viewer a whole new side of you we didn't know and personally, I quite enjoyed your post and believe you should definitely do more! As a person who actually follows a lot of Youtube vloggers, I was hoping when you would go in that direction! And you finally did! So stay true to who you are!

Enjoy + Keep Vlogging + Stay Preppy!,

Rosalyn Gambhir


Loved this! It was nice to hear the voice behind the blog after 1-2 years of reading posts! Your impeccable posts combined with the fun, chatty videos are a great combo.


I love this format! Normally I read your blog before I get ready in the mornings, but this way I can multitask. Love your outfit by the way.

Dana Leigh

I love when you make videos because it completely gives your audience more of the girl behind the webpage! Can't wait to see what else is to come.


I really liked your video blog! You did a great job, I hate the sound of my voice and how I look as well. It is all about the camera angle and the lighting.

Rachel Amy

yes, absolutely continue with the vlogs. It was so strange (good strange) to hear the voice behind the blog that I've read for so long! Thanks for another great post!


Love the videos! I love the candid feel that writing doesn't give. That bracelet is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. I hope they get an Android app for it, because I am SOLD!


I like the vlog; I also like your writing – so I look forward to more of both. And, as Nantucket Daffodil said, thanks for keeping us former college preps (now a college prof) up to date on contemporary prep! I know we're not your target demographic, but we love your blog anyway 🙂 (Speaking for others of my college friends who just lurk.) ~ Hilary

briana luca

I love this! I think it is such a great way to interact more and there is so many new things I feel you could do with a video instead of just writing.

It was weird and great hearing your voice! haha. I would love to see some more video posts and I give you credit for going through with it, the camera scares me so props to you!

I also love that bracelet that tells you all about your health, that is impressive. I definitely need it !

Great job with the video, Carly 🙂



I enjoyed the video blog! I would be interested to hear which beauty tutorials your intern enjoys watching- there are so many online that I have yet to find a good subtle one! Also, that bracelet looks pretty cool. I know I sit still for way too long during the day at work.

Maggie Royce

I love love love the idea but they should be every once in a while not on a regular-ish basis.. I love being able to "know you better" and it is amazing for your confidence so I am a yes!

Jennifer Bont

I love the idea of the vlogging! I really want to see what the rest of your apartment looks like and how you organize the rest of your rooms! By the way your voice sounds just like Blake Lively in this video…so Serena van der Woodsen!

Deonnah Davis

Carly! Oh my gosh! You and your voice are as cute and perfect as your blogs! Now when I read your post, your voice will be in my head! I think you should keep them coming! Love the written and video blog post. So a variation of both would be nice! Can't wait to see all of your apartment! I would like to see post also about college experiences that you have and advice you would give to those still in college! I look forward to your post everyday! Keep up the good work!


I liked the video!

I would like to see:

Complete apartment room tour (including where you got things and even prices)
Organization tips (I loved your bathroom organization!) but extend it to purse closet and workspaces.
Work outfits
What's in my work bag/on my work desk
Lifestyle tips such as accomplishing goals, not procrastinating, balancing personal life, finances, etc
Health and diet (what you eat to stay so tiny!)

Can't wait to see more of you in the future!

Anna H

I don't usually comment but I have to say, this post was great! I love getting the chance to see you as a real live person, not just someone typing at a computer. You did amazing – don't be embarrassed! Can't wait to see more.


I love seeing bloggers take their words to life. It is so much more personal. I had no idea how to pronounce Levo League. I pronounced it (Leave-O). So wrong haha! Please continue to do them. =)

P.S. Your hair looks great natural!

Sarah Morris

Great idea to start video blogging! I have followed you for quite some time and I also follow a bunch of You Tube Vloggers, so I am happy to see you doing this!

Love the idea of doing a video blog post about what tech apps you use – curious to know!



Your voice was lower than I expected! AND I have been pronouncing Levo League incorrectly in my head–woops! I am definitely a fan of vlogging, and think you should continue! Auguri on your new format!

Ashley Cameron

I just had a chance to watch your video blog and loved it! It was so great to finally put a voice to your writing instead of just imagining one in my head! haha I think the video blogging makes you more real to all your readers. I say, keep them coming!


Hi! I loved this video! I read your blog everyday (its my bookmark on my computer) and I follow you on I feel like I am kind of you stalker/friend (not in a wierd way!) Hehehe! But I really loved this vid! Thanks!

Crystal Konz

This post was awesome!! So cute! I have been reading your blog for 2 years now and like every one else i've just had this "character voice" of you, and it was definitely really weird to first see the video. BUT it was great and charming and very real, love it! Keep going!

3 Peanuts

I think your vlog was adorable. You are so warm and likeable aand that completely somes across. I have been blogging for 6 years and have never done one.So, kudos to you!

I just clicked to your profile and it says you follow my blog (which I did not know and feel so honored).
Have a great weekend!


It's so cool to hear the (spoken) voice behind College Prep! 🙂 I think trying out vlogging will be an awesome and different experience! As for video topics, I second the organization and home tour ideas! I think those could be really fun. Maybe future videos about the College Prep book (a review or just your general opinions!) Thanks for always trying new things-there is never a dull moment on your blog or Instagram or tumblr! 🙂
-Emma {}


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