I honestly can’t believe it’s August… Summers will never be the same!!!
It’s horrifying, actually.
But, what can I do about it?  Nothing.  Oh well.
Thinking about August reminded me of the movie August Rush… did any of you guys see it?  I love it!!!  I could watch it all the time.  The music alone is really beautiful.  I have the soundtrack and think every song is great.
This is definitely my favorite part:

The little boy is super adorable…. but this movie is from so long ago that he’s not little anymore!
Earlier this summer I went and saw The Art of Getting By.  I really wanted to see it because I love Emma Roberts.  The movie had a super limited release which was annoying since I had seen all sorts of advertisements and interviews and wanted to see it.  I had to drive to a movie theatre that we typically would never drive out to, but it was an enjoyable movie for a summer afternoon.  Nothing great, but not terrible.  Have you seen it?

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I love August Rush! The music is really fantastic; my favorites are Raise It Up, August Rhapsody, and This Time. I wanted to see The Art of Getting By but never made it out to the theater, so I'll definitely have to rent it.


I love August Rush! It is one of my favorites and I have the soundtrack as well. It is great music to put on while you study.
I wanted to see The Art of Getting By too but I guess I will wait until it comes out on DVD.


It's weird to hear that "the art of getting by" is limited viewing, I saw it in texas with my best friend and we were the only ones in the theater…


I forgot all about August Rush. That movie was so good and I LOVED the soundtrack. Thanks for the reminder!