Loafing Around

If you don’t have them.  I think you should get on that STAT.  Seriously, they’re the most versatile shoe out there for school.  Besides the fact that the classic look is totally “in,” the shoe really works well with all sorts of outfits… and are comfortable to boot.
A little more rugged than a ballet flat, the loafers for women out there right now are still feminine.  I have a pair of Eastland loafers.  They fit perfectly and have that true loafer look.
The Eastland Classic II fits a little big, I ordered three pairs from Zappos and found that I needed a half size smaller than I typically wear.  Keep this in mind if you order!
So I have the plain brown… but I’m reallllllly craving a pair of RED loafers!
These Tory Burch red penny loafers are perfect.  Please & Thank You.
Do you have a pair of loafers?  Where did you get them from?  Are you feeling the red as much as I am???

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I am always on the lookout for cute, comfortable loafers but have yet to find any that I love! Thanks for reminding me that I need to continue my search for the perfect pair =)


WholeHeartedly Hannah

I've actually been thinking about getting myself a pair of loafers, but I haven't really seen anything I loved. I do like those Eastland ones though, and I know a store right near me sells that brand. I'll definitely be checking them out!



Cute cute! I just got a pair of gold ones from F21… definitely got the quality I paid for, but it's not like I can wear gold loafers every day so I'm ok with that 🙂

Love the Tory Burch ones!!


Actually, given my small frame, I regularly investigate female versions of male staples. Even if I get a men's shoe in my size, it is usually a bit too… bulky, and can look… very chunky on my feet. About half the shoes in my closet are actually female versions of a male shoe. Inluding one pair of Sperry's.

I've seriously been considering picking up the female versions of the Bass dirty bucks for the same reason. I always look at female loafers, and as long as the heel is low enough, and the tongue is high enough, it'll look right given my tall but thin frame.


I think female oxfords with pointed toe is the best alternative if the maleness staples don't look too good on your feet 🙂

Just Frocks

I love my loafers, but I feel a bit like they're my go to "lazy shoe." But hey, at least I've managed to replace the beat up converse with something a bit more classy looking.


I was doing a search on the comfort of Tory burch loafers and this blog came up in my search. I bought the TB loafers from this review. You are right. Comfortable, versatile , and very preppy. Thanks for all your reviews. This was helpful.