B2S Giveaway :: Knock Knock

These giveaways are just too much fun!
Speaking of FUN, I’m really excited to share this week’s.
This is the PERFECT mousepad for college students (or high schoolers, or honestly anyone with a desk).  You don’t even need a mouse to get use out of it.  I love having notes and post-its and lists, but this allows me to organize everything I need all at once.  I love the three columns: Do, Call, & Email.
Knock Knock sent me one to test out for myself.  It’s the PERFECT size.  I can fit pretty much everything I need for a few days at a time, which I love because I can really see progress in what I’ve done and I can plan out and see what’s coming up.
I thought the “Do” column would be overwhelmingly long compared to the other two, but I found that I filled both the “Call” and “Email” columns up super quickly.  Love it.
Knock Knock is the cutest store for office supplies.  I mean, they’re so funny and some are downright hilarious.  Definitely spend some more time going through the website.  I think these Roommate Citation sheets are a riot…. Little V and I definitely needed them to control Lookie Pookie!!!
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This giveaway ends Friday August 26 at noon.
Good Luck!!!

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