This post has been a long time coming! Jack’s nursery. It’s become my favorite room of the house, without a doubt. Originally when we moved in, I thought for sure the smallest bedroom would be the nursery eventually. But when I was actually pregnant, I realized it was going to be a much more efficient use of our space to make Bedroom #2 the nursery and Bedroom #3 a guest room/office. It worked out even better than I bargained for and now our baby boy nursery nice big space to play in every day plus a spare bed and trundle.

I’m going to do my best to link to everything at the end of this post, but if I forgot something or if you have a question, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to source it for you.

When I was thinking about designing a baby boy nursery, I immediately started scheming what would work best. I really wanted to avoid anything too babyish and instead keep the big elements fairly neutral so they could “grow” with our son over time. Of course, as a reader of my blog, you know I was going to be heavily inspired by all things blue and white… and I wanted little pops of red throughout. I love how bright, cheery, playful, and sweet the room is.

Baby Boy Nursery

I was pretty set on doing wallpaper with wainscoting… and I purchased samples of Sister Parish’s Serendipity in blue/silver and blue/orange. They were close to what I wanted, but not perfect for my vision. I had a slight issue with my order of samples and ended up DMing with the Sister Parish and they told me they were coming out with a blue/red version!!!! Sold. It was just the nursery inspiration I needed and everything else fell into place after that was decided.

nautical nursery inspiration

For photos, I kept this little poof, but in reality, I’m using the glider’s matching ottoman. It’s way too big for the space, but this poof feels too small when I’m nursing in the middle of the night. The ottoman I got also glides, which I would not recommend– I find it weird that it moves with me… I prefer it stagnant, so I actually twist it sideways so I can push my weight against it without it gliding. If I were to do it again, I would skip the ottoman, but get a more substantial poof. I love the added texture and warmth.

baby boy nursery

baby boy nursery sister parish design wallpaper

I always get questions about the radiator cover… they were here when we moved in and I’m pretty sure someone had them custom built at some point. Every room has the custom covers and they’re all slightly different sizes/shapes. I love the one in this room with the shelves. Perfect place for easy to reach books in a baby boy nursery, of which Jack has so many.

nursery inspiration with custom radiator cover

baby boy nursery inspiration sister parish design wallpaper sister parish design wallpaper nursery inspiration baby boy nursery

Nautical Nursery

nautical nursery

nursery inspiration

Photography by Julia D’Agostino

Ceiling Flush Mount



Crib + (crib sheets are PB Kids but sold out and skirt company went out of business unfortunately)

Changing Table

Similar Brass Lamp

Glider (Perennials Basketweave – White)+ Pictured Poof

Wallpaper (Sister Parish kindly gave me a friends & family discount)

Closet Wallpaper

Roman Shades (can be customized– White Linen with Regatta Scenic Blue trim)

Monogrammed Pillow

Art (Bugs/Critters are from Philadelphia Print Shop, Black Lab, Horse, Land Rover, framing from Framebridge)

Rocking horse


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All my favorite childhood books! And that Nantucket one is too darling. Also fun spying Meet Sam.

The nursery couldn’t be any cuter, Carly!

Jenn Record

Adorable room! A thought: I spied the Seuss “Oh the Places You’ll Go” book.. I have a copy for each of my children and each year (starting with their very first sitter) I have their teachers sign and date the book.. My plan is to present it to them on their graduation….

Sarah Katherine

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Quick question – what kind of light does the flush mount give off? I have the hardest time determining this when online shopping. I don’t really like overhead lighting (lamps forever!) but sometimes you just need it and I don’t like when it’s harsh or doesn’t diffuse light well. Thanks!


It’s very soft. It takes candelabra bulbs and I put in nice and soft ones, but I actually think I’ll switch it out for something brighter/whiter because it’s so soft!


Hi Carly! I tried to research the fabulous shades you picked – but the Etsy link isn’t working! Would you share the name of the Etsy Shop? Thank you!


Love this nursery! FYI, your blog isn’t allowing me to save photos or blog posts on Pinterest, even when I use the Pinterest button on photos. A pop-up appears on Pinterest saying “pinning from this website is not allowed”.


Beautiful room! Love how light and airy it is. Do you have links for the wicker basket/diaper caddy on the changing table? Currently working on my own nursery and was looking for something like that!


The wooden one was a gift so I don’t have a source, but the striped one with “Jack” is from Cotton Colors


Hello, where is the closet organizer from? Looking for something similar for my sons room.


This came out so cute! I love that it is a more neutral room that he can grow with over time. Very nicely done!


Such a lovely nursery! Thank you so much for sharing, seems like a really special place to spend time with Jack 🙂

Was wondering what crib mattress you went with?


This nursery is dreamy!! I just purchased the same crib/dresser combo, but noticed you switched out the hardware on dresser for gold, I prefer that too. Where did you purchase the hardware? Thanks!


love this! using it for inspiration for my nursery. Question- when you wallpapered the closet, did you wallpaper the side walls as well, or just the back wall? Thanks!


Hi! I am about to have this wallpaper installed and am wondering what color you have the wainscoting painter here? Thank you so much!

Margaret Brady

Extremely random question – we have a similar set up in our nursey with the wainscoting. How did you mount your Nanit monitor? My little girl keeps pulling at the stand while she’s in the crib so I need to mount it now and stumped at how to make it flush with the wainscoting there. Let me know if you have a solve! Thank you!!